Monday, April 18, 2011

I'm in....

Yippeee....The Jessica Sprague Portraiture Class, led by Candice Stringham started this morning.  I'm so excited i got it.  Candice is expecting a baby this summer so she won't be offering this class the rest of this year.
 Did you know in photography there is a  feminine & masculine tilt of the head?  It all depends which way your knees are pointing that you tilt your head. Girls can tilt in any direction and get away with it. Hmm 
I lost my settings tool bar on top that i  had all my favorite go too's.  Lot's of short cuts I used to use to  get where a wanted to go... Google Reader was one of them.  In my yahoo  i had a short cut add on that  is gone as well. Frustrating!! What do you use for a short cut tab?? 
 Busy week. Kids have early release on Wednesday, Meghan my granddaughter has vents put in her ears on Thursday.  My kids don't have school this Friday or next Monday.
Anyhoo I have some errands to run, laundry to do. Oh, and i was asked about my blog  header. All i did was put a reflection frame outside  the banner. 
Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!

Monday, April 11, 2011

All is well...

Hello Friends, Family
Sorry I've stepped away for so long and haven't been visiting or commenting.  I haven't been keeping up with my google reader lately.... I've been  a bad blogger. But before you shoot me down take a look at what I've been up to.  :)  It's been my passion lately that I can't  put down.
 I've been working on photo editing. {Learning some new things   about  Actions and Textures in PSE} I'm still taking Kelby on line editing couses.  I'm also taking Nicole Martins 3 hour editing course tomorrow evening {4/12} and  hoping to get into Jessica Sprague's 4 week Portraiture Class with Candice Stringham. {4/18}  Registration is tonight and it fills up fast. So  I'll be glued and hitting "Refresh"  hopely I'll get in. 
Yes... I miss my paper, stamps/ scraproom.  But if it's been calling for me I haven't heard it. I hope you  understand! :) 

Here are a few photos I've been working on.
This reminds me of  a ....Angelic photo

Before and After

Sepia w/sun flare.

Actions & Textures

I'm hoping to make the rounds visiting and commenting again  soon. Thank you for your visits and sweet comments!
Cyber hugs!!

Here is my photography Facebook fan page  if you want to check it out.