Sunday, March 20, 2011

Another Fully Packed Post

A lot can happen when you step away from your desk. LOL  Well, I'll get right to the photo. I've been taking some on line courses though Kelby Training for Photo Shop.  It's been fun to say the least...  because..... I want to lean more about Photography, Editing and I can take these courses at my own pace.  There are lessons for everything! I use PSE9, there are courses for all Adobe PS {CS, Light Room  which at this point i know nothing about.}
As for the picture I took of my  grandson Ian.  I turned it into b/w and used a  eraser brush to bring the duck back to yellow.  Today i made my first watermark in PS. It's not the best but i  got the hang of it now! 
Another bit of news, my kids are going back to private school this fall. We tried public this year and have decided to put them back in private. They both cried when we told them they could go back to their old school. Days after we told them, Micah thought he was dreaming. He kept asking me if it was for real. There friends are so excited to see them their again. When i told my friend who is a teacher at the school. She e mailed me back and said her 8th grade sons tuition was paid for for the year so she was going to deposit $300.00 plus scrip $$ into our tuition acc. What an awesome blessing!! What a generous heart! {We are not members so we pay full tuition}
Oh and my  Canon Rebel  sold last week.  A friend of mine bought it. She said she was looking for  a new camera....  after I posted a slight rant on FB about the replies i was getting off Craigslist. Scammers wanting me to ship it to another State/Country and they would pay an additional $150.00 to get it there. What a crock! I like using CL for selling stuff.... because it's free, and I have sold a few things on that site. But you have to be careful!
Today is the the first day of spring!! {it's raining and sleeting outside} : / My kids are off of school this week. Sam got a new bike and they both got helmets. So if it gets nice enough  maybe we'll  get to ride our bikes. I hope so.
Well friends/family thanks for stopping by.
Happy Spring!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Grumpy Pants....

CTMH CS & Felicity Papers, Thicker Letters, Twine,
 Hole Template, Brown Marker, 2 Brads, Smile Button
Sam did not want to participate for  pictures on this fall day. But I have to admit... despite the layout title and  post title, I "LOVE" this photo. It captures what Sam was feeling that day. { He did not  want to be their} Smiling Micah is pretty layed back. :)  I've  made this photo my wallpaper on my laptop and iPhone.
Well, my camera hasn't sold yet. I'm about ready to list it in our local newspaper. I have it on Craigs List and had three  scammers reply. Who want to pay me more than what it's worth and want me to ship it to another country. Geesh
Not much going on this weekend. Charlie & I were going to have a dinner date night tonight, but only to find out that Cailyn 3yo grand daughter may have pink eye. Her daddy took her in to walk in last night. Her eyes were pink and pasted shut  after her nap yesterday.
So we're all going out to dinner.  Well friends/family have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

Praying for Japan.

Friday, March 4, 2011

A Fully Packed Post...

Hello Fellow Bloggers/Friends

I guess I've been missing in action for a little while. A lot has been going on keeping me busy. I have my gbabies at least twice a week, which i love!! We just finished working on our Pinewood Derby cars. Registration is tonight. The race starts  tomorrow  morning. I'm racing for the first time. Here's a link for my  Web Album if you want to see our cars. Mine is "Flower Power" with a little "Bling and CTMH" rub ons. LOL Charlie's is black & white, Micah's is red, Sam's green.
  I'm still working on photography, taking and posting pictures. Which I love! That brings me some News I'd like to share. I recently updated to a  Canon D series Camera.  I'm selling my Canon T1i Rebel 15mp... It's 7 months old and  in Excellent Condition. I comes with everything it came with, plus an extra battery. {2 total} I'm selling  for $600.00 on Craigs List {under photo/Video}.  But.... I'll sell it here for...... $550.00 plus you pay shipping, >>>I'll insure it<<< That's well over $100.00 off retail price. If you are interested or want more info you can e mail me at I will only accept Paypal for payment 

Canon Rebel T1i 15mp
Below Camera is shown with Lens off camera body. Will be shipped that way.
Yesterday my grand daughter Meghan had Spirit Week at her Pre-School. Meghan dressed up as "Jesse" from the Toy Story movie. How fun! I got to take a few pictures of her.

Well friends, a lot to do today. So I better get going. Sorry i packed so much in. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! 
Thanks for stopping by!