Tuesday, February 8, 2011

GB Packers Won The.....


Green Bay Packers  &  Pittsburgh Steelers
31 - 25
Well i maybe  a little late in posting but we are "Still Celebrating" our GB Packer Super Bowl Win!  What an Awesome game it was. I'm not one to sit back and watch the game.... I'm at the edge of my seat cheering them on. LOL  I'm so happy for our GB Packers!
btw... the cookie was delish. Micah got a little upset because  i cut into it before the game even started. LOL  oh, and the footballs are Super Bowl Rings! :)
Sister's....Church Valentine Brunch on Saturday. I found another Packer fan.... Cori!


Jeanne said...

I figured you were pretty darn happy, Kari! It was a good game and fun to watch. (The half time show...not so much)

Flying high in the sky.... said...