Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hugs & Kisses...

CTMH CS, Rub-Ons, DE Heart, Baby Pink Ink. Tilda Stamp,  Foil Heart DP HL,
Twine, Gel Pens, Aluminum Foil, Copics

Hello There!
Well I haven't inked up Tilda in a while. Actually she was done and cut out for a long time I just never used her on a card. I was going through my "had forever stash of HL papers" and  found the  valentine hearts cs. With Valentines Day coming up i thought it would make a cute card!
As for the foil, i adhered a piece on a strip of cs. 
Well friends/family not a whole lot happening in my Korner. I have my gbabies Th-Fri. Sam has a basketball game Friday night. We have another wall  finished in our LR, mudded, primed and painted. 1.5 more to go.  We've  only been working on it just over a  year. Charlie is still driving 150 miles a day. Almost 3 years now. Sigh... He can only get so much done. Anyhoo, I better get moving,  I'm  cooking a chicken. :) kids will be home soon.  Happy Wednesday!
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Monday, January 24, 2011

Super Bowl!

Any Super Bowl Fans?

Yep.... The  Green Bay Packers beat the Chicago Bears  21-14. What a great game!! Packers are the NFC Champions!!  They haven't  made it to the NFC since  Jan 12th 1996 against the Dallas Cowboys and lost. I remember  I was working at Kohler Co. at the time and we all wore our Packer garb, cheese heads and all.... and had a group picture taken in the factory. hahaha I still have the 8x10 picture, and I still love to watch the Packers play!  The Super Bowl is in Dallas TX Feb. 6th. 2011 Against the Pittsburgh Steelers!
Well i hope to be back with something crafty soon. Till next time... 
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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears....

"Are you ready for some..... Football"!!

Oh yeah!!  The Green Bay Packers are in the NFC "National Football Conference" tomorrow {Sunday} at 2:00 pm  CT against the Chicago Bears. We are thrilled that they made it this far. Aaron Rodgers QB played very well this season. Considering he had two concussions.  
 In honor of our "Home Team" {64  miles down the road}  I thought I'd pick up a desert to "Celebrate" their WIN... we can only hope... right!! :) will be off to the Super Bowl!

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. We'll be glued at game time! Charlie is Not/ kids are...  football fans, but he'll watch the game with me.
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"Go Pack Go" !!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Swimming Lucy & Photography

CTMH CS, Liquid Glass, Rub-Ons
   Stamp ~ Swimming Lucy,  Basic Grey Bitter Sweet, Black Embossing Powder, Gel Pen,
Misc Ribbon, Chalk, Template, Rhinestones, Copics

I've had this card on my craft table for at least 2 weeks. I heat embossed the image with  black embossing powder, when i colored it it ran a bit on her face.. dang!... I spent to much time on it to redo so i left it and put it together this morning. Hope it's not that noticeable. I ♥ this paper!!

I'm trying to keep up with my photography skills so i shot this card in manual setting. If your interested... I had the camera set at... Shutter Speed 1/40 {Light meter... center zero} Aperture f/8.0 and  ISO  was 200 here. {100 would be bright outdoor light}  No flash, but one daylight bulb in my photo box.

A friend asked me to take school pictures of her 2 kids. I'm excited to do that!! :)  I did a family of 9 over Christmas. I'll post them in the near future.
Well, I played long enough today, It will take me a week to clean up. I have quite the mess! Charlie took the boys ice fishing this morning. They called this afternoon  and said they caught a 14 inch bass. {dinner tomorrow} :)
Well friends thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Airplane Riley...

CTMH CS, Rub-Ons, Stampset Leave Your Mark, White Pigment Ink
DP, Paper Studio School Days, Riley Stamp, Sun Stickers,
 Buttons, White Gel Pen, Chalk,  Copics
I have no idea who will get  this card with a title like That! Hahaha...  This was before Riley & Sophie got hitched. :)
Not a whole lot going on in my Korner. Just getting over being sick.  Charlie & I came down with a  nasty cold and hacking cough. He went to walk-in on Sunday, he's got an ear/sinus infection.  Kids didn't get it. We're on the mend here.
 Hope you're all having a great week. We got a few inches of snow today, but by the looks of it NY is getting hammered  again. Another foot from what I'm hearing. Yikes
Well that's about it for me. Take care...thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

One Little Word.....


Ali Edwards  has an awesome blog, the first of the  year  she posts a list of words you chose from...
 "One Little Word"  to be your focus throughout the year.  I have never done this before, but since my goal for 2011 was to "love my treadmill" and get fit, I thought this was perfect for me. No one can take care of me but me!!  {well other than  God}
 I have chosen the  word **Determined** as my "One Little Word"
I am determined to workout, get fit, lose weight and make the great outdoors, treadmill my best friend. :)
 If you want to keep track of my results you can visit me at ... You Go Girl  
 I will be working out with my daughter today at her house. I'll be posting my stats on my get fit blog later today.

What is your One Little Word?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Blog Oversary.... Today??

  Yep.... it's been 3 years  since my very first  post.   Here  I would have forgotten  all about it  but a sweet blogger.... Teena  left me a comment on my previous post. Sure enough! I'm at 381 posts.  Not that it matters, but I'm just sayin.
I want to **Thank You** for  the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd  year!.... your visits and comments have meant so much to me!! .... I wouldn't be coming back if it wasn't for you! 
Thanks again for stopping by, whether you were just passing through, commented or not, I hope  my blog has  inspired you in some way. 

Today is also my MIL Marylee's Birthday. She visits quite often. :) Happy Birthday Marylee!! You are one sweet women, always a giving heart!  I love you!!