Friday, December 3, 2010

Dog Day Afternoon....

Best Friends

Papers~ My Minds Eye DP... Where the heart is.
CTMH CS, Matt, Buttons, Hobby Lobby Stickers,
Journal tab side of photo.

 I love this photo!! I took it last February. {winter} I had just opened the front door to let the warm sunshine in and they both layed down in front of  the  door. All i could think of was grabbing my camera before either of them got up.  {layout is much brighter IRL}..... Cailyn my grandaughter, 2 years old here has taken to Toby since day one. Where ever Toby is, you'll find Cailyn. :)  She must have  a love for animals. My daughter said  they were recently at a  friends house, who had a cat. Cailyn didn't  play with the other kids, she chased and played with  the cat. hahahaha

Sam has his first basketball game tomorrow afternoon. He's very excited!!  This is the first time he has played sports through grade school. Summer sports yes, through our Rec. Dept. Now he's asking for a  Cell Phone  & FB  account.... Not yet son! ... .He didn't take that to well. He'll be 11 this month. Yikes
 We are expecting our first snow fall of the season. They said 3-5 inches? Lake effect, that means us.
Anywhoo, have you gotten all your Christmas shopping done yet? I'm just about done.
Well friends, I've got laundry to do and an errand to run before the kids get home from school.
Have  a great weekend!!


Sharli said...

You crack me up with the "not yet son" comment! Do they have any idea how expensive or how dangerous?? Nope.

I love your layout! Cailyn is smart - most animals are a lot nicer than people.


Laurel said...

So cute, love the papers!

Kathi C. said...

That is such a sweet photo and a great layout, Kari! As for the cell phone/Facebook business, hold him off for as long as you can. In fact, tell him 18, and then 16 won't seem so bad. I was a "mean mom" for what seemed like a lot of years. Now, they're thanking me, so I guess it was worth it.

Have a great weekend, friend!

P.S. Glad to hear you had fun in Florida, too. Happy you are back safe and sound!

Sparkle said...

This is just too cute! Glad you had a good trip!

Flying high in the sky.... said...


Jena said...

Such a sweet pic and layout - TFS!

I can't believe he's going to be 11 - where does the time go? My oldest asks for a cell phone as well - WHY?!?! Not necessary!

Good for you done with your Christmas shopping - me? Not even close! I need some inspiration!

Berenice R. said...

Super cute :)