Saturday, November 13, 2010

♥ America Again.....

Did you VOTE?

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Card was cased & tweaked from the cartridge book... A Child's Year

As we recently celebrated Veterans Day this past week,  and also  Elections Day a few weeks ago. I though i would make a card and add it to the scrap book page I'll be making.
 I was out and about on elections day a few weeks ago supporting the Republicans  running in our State. It was very  exciting.  As we didn't know at that point who would win, but we did have  a good idea considering the direction our country was going, and how fed up the people were.  

 The last few years when we rally in our city my kids usually want to go with me. This is Sam

 We met Ron Johnson. He was running against Russ Feingold, and won btw.

 While i was out i met a new friend Megan. Loved the sign she made.
Mike Endsley {behind us} run for State legislature.

Ron Johnson gave a rally speech in town, thanking us/Wisconsin for supporting him!

We also met some.... "Tea Partyers".....The Grandma Squad. :) 

Well, you remember the saying? "Keep Religion & Politics to yourself"  Well i can't.  I have to stand up for  what I believe in.

Thanks for stoppin by, have a great weekend!


Kathi C. said...

Your card is awesome. As for standing up for what you believe in, you go, girl. I was thrilled to see Ron Johnson win in Wisconsin. The overall election results have me feeling better than I have felt in two years. Sanity returns to Washington.

Have a great Sunday, friend!

Sparkle said...

What a lovely card and great pics!