Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm still here

 Fall Photos

 Here are a few pictures I took of my friend Tabetha  and her sweet family. When I asked her if I could take pictures. She said "SURE"! But I told her I was still practicing the different modes on my camera. Well after 287 shots we ended up with 92 that were good. Some were just blown out too bright or too dark. There's no rule as to how many pictures you should take. Just keep snapping. It's digital, you can always delete.

I'm  happy with the way these turned out.  I love the reflection of the water and bridge in the background. Oh and the kids are adorable!! One tip i learned when photographing kids... Bring a treat/snack. They were so happy when i told them I had candy for them. Hahahaha... Things went a lot smoother than.  Over all they did very well! I think I  was more nervous than they were. :)

Philip & Tabetha

Well, all is well at the home front. I did get  all 3 sides of our foundation painted last week. It looks  nice considering what it looked like before. 
This is the  last week of my photography class. We haven't gotten our class assignment yet. Candice said in an e mail this morning it will be posted tomorrow. I'm excited as to what we'll learn this last week. Last week was lighting. The best times to take photographs of people {if possible} is later in the day. or at sunrise or sunset. The lighting is much better at those times.
I haven't seen my scrap room in weeks. I do have a bunch of newer pictures to scrapbook, just haven't got near my paper. :)
I'm sorry I've been a bad blogging friend lately. I will make the rounds and see  all the gorgeous work I've been missing.
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Sharli said...

Hi Kari,
It's ok - you're doing important stuff right now!!! I wish I could take a good photography class . . . well, I will one of these days!

OOPS! I almost forgot - I wanted to say that I do LOVE the portraits you made - the family is darling and you seem to have captured some very honest images - real expressions (I don't know the right words for photography descriptions - but I like the photos!). LOL

Kathi C. said...

Amazing photos, Kari! I've seen professional photographs that aren't this nice. I'll look forward to seeing more - whenever you find the time to post them.

Take care, friend!

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Alanna said...

Great photos. You did a great job taking them.

Sparkle said...

Your pictures came out great!