Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hello There....

Family & Friends!! 
 Sorry for the delay in posting but life gets busy and other things seem to take priority. A lot has been going on  the last 2 weeks. My photography class is going well. We had an off week this past week so we could practice on what we have learned so far, using the different settings. Here is a pic I took in manual.  

 Last Saturday my boys  participated in EAA Young Eagles Program.... a bonus for their  Wednesday Night Royal Rangers.  {church thing}They went flying for the first time.  I found out that" Harrison Ford is the Chairman for the Young Eagles Aviation. "Which gives kids the opportunity to demonstrate flying in a way that might not otherwise be possible." 

                                                                           Isn't this a  gorgeous view!

After we were done flying Micah made the comment that he knows how to fly a plane now. Accept his feet didn't quite reach the foot peddles.

Sam & Micah will both receive their Young Eagles Certificate.
Arlan took Micah & I up in the plane.  It was a blast and I'm so  glad we all got to experience it in the same day.
Charlie & Sam went up together with Poppi the pilot. :)

My daughter asked  if I would take Cailyn out for a photo shoot like i did Meghan. Of course I jumped at the opportunity since i needed the practice and my boys  are in school. They really don't want to pose for the camera.
Cailyn 2.5 was a challenge to photograph, she was either moving around or talking the whole time. She did do very well. I'm so glad her mommy came along. 
I love this one!
Of course she got to play at the park when we were done.

                     Oh we can't forget little baby brother  Ian. He just turned  6 months on Sept 26th. He's starting to eat fruits & veggies and loves them!! :)

Well that's about it. I'm not getting anything done sitting here. Charlie is out filling the cracks in the foundation so  we can prime and paint it before the snow flies.
Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend!!


Sharli said...

Hi Kari! Your photographs are awesome - what a neat experience for the boys!!


Jeanne said...

You are definitely learning a lot, Kari! Your photos are absolutely beautiful!

And how exciting for all of you to be able to head up into the sky and see the spectacular views. Amazing!

Flying high in the sky.... said...

awesome shots!! beautiful kids!! wow ...flying reminds me of Richard Bach!! beautiful!

Sparkle said...

What lovely pictures! Ian is just precious!

Barb said...

Your photography class is paying off...your pictures are beautiful!

I'm so impressed with the boys learning to fly! That is awesome. We had Royal Rangers at our church too. It's a good thing!