Monday, October 25, 2010

A Birthday Party and The Boecker Family

A party without Chuck E Cheese?
We no sooner walked in the door, sat down and the mouse was in our face. LOL
We all had a great time! It doesn't look like it but the place was packed when we got their.
Well as you can see I figured out the best way to post pics. I used my Picasa web album and uploaded  in multiples, so much faster!!  It stopped working uploading them one at a time in Browse.

 I can't believe Micah is 9. He picked out his cake. Gifts not shown... but he received 70$ in gift cards, Wimpy Kid book, Bop it, Spy kit. Thank You!!

Trying to get every one to smile at the same time was impossible.
Too many distractions.

Boecker Kids
Katie, Jon, Emma
This is the mom's favorite picture. All 3 kids were adopted from China at just under 2 years old.
I love the color outfits they chose. All i asked was to color coordinate their outfits. :)

Boecker Family
This is my favorite!

I was asked what kind of camera I have. It's a Canon Rebel T1i 15mp.
The newer Canon Rebel is  T2i. little bit more $$...  they both have video. What is nice about the SLR camera's is the lenses are changeable. When you get the Rebels/Nikon or higher end camera's they come with or without a Kit Lens. When I took the photography class Candice recommended the **{50mm 1.4 or 1.8 lens.} Which a lot of photographers use. It will give you a nice wide -close up frame, but with no zoom. It blurs the background very nicely. **The lower the number the less in focus.{background}
My last camera was a Canon SLR D10 I bought from my brother 5 years ago when he upgraded. It was only a 6mp.  Very Small LCD Screen. I recently sold it on Craigslist. I also  a point & shoot camera. Canon Powershot SX110 9mp.

Oh and I'll let you know how to get the soft black border around the outside of the photos.
But first off,  I haven't figured it out yet in PSE9... If someones wants to share how, I would love to know.
Anyway, there is a free photo editing site called **Picnik**  {maybe you already have it or something like it}  Download it, Create an Account,  Upload a photo and go to the .....Create Tab, then to Effects and scroll down to Vignette. There are many other  cool effects you can use as well. Not to mention some FUN stuff too. :)

Well I hope this helped. If you have any questions you would like to ask me about the Photography class or my camera. You can  e me @ or post here.
I am  very much enjoying photography. I have not  arrived, but I'm  enjoying the ride. :)

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall.... and a Happy Birthday

Yesterday was  Micah's Birthday. Wow, I can't believe my baby boy is 9 years old.  We're all going to Chuck E Cheese on Saturday {Micah's choice} with Mark & Christyl, gbabies and a few others.
Wednesday my boy's had early release from school so I took them out for a few pictures, but for some odd reason blogger is only letting me upload "one" photo while in Browse. Why? I don't know.
Sam is very hard to photograph these days, stubborn is more like it. Maybe it's his age. I've been saying lately  he's 10 going on 15. Maybe i shouldn't say That.
Anywhoo, Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my photos.  In the last 6 weeks of  photography class I feel like i took in so much information, now putting it all together and using my skills has been fun yet challenging.  I have Photo Shop Elements 9 and last week  I enrolled in Jessica's Self Paced  *Photo Editing Class*  The first lesson was adjusting skin tones. It  amazes me how you can manipulate a photo to get the "Perfect" look?  I don't mean adjusting the  color to make someones eyes more bluer or bigger.  But just fixing  flaws or enhancing color/contrast/background. Once I removed  {PS}  a  red cooler off a pier.  That was so cool to see it disappear from the photo. LOL
I'm still needing practice so later today I'm photographing my friends family. {5} I love the location she picked. There's a gazebo and pond in the background. I'll post pics  when i get them done and ready to give  to her on a cd. Well i best be off,  I've got some chores to get done. TGIF...  Have a great weekend!  :)
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Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm still here

 Fall Photos

 Here are a few pictures I took of my friend Tabetha  and her sweet family. When I asked her if I could take pictures. She said "SURE"! But I told her I was still practicing the different modes on my camera. Well after 287 shots we ended up with 92 that were good. Some were just blown out too bright or too dark. There's no rule as to how many pictures you should take. Just keep snapping. It's digital, you can always delete.

I'm  happy with the way these turned out.  I love the reflection of the water and bridge in the background. Oh and the kids are adorable!! One tip i learned when photographing kids... Bring a treat/snack. They were so happy when i told them I had candy for them. Hahahaha... Things went a lot smoother than.  Over all they did very well! I think I  was more nervous than they were. :)

Philip & Tabetha

Well, all is well at the home front. I did get  all 3 sides of our foundation painted last week. It looks  nice considering what it looked like before. 
This is the  last week of my photography class. We haven't gotten our class assignment yet. Candice said in an e mail this morning it will be posted tomorrow. I'm excited as to what we'll learn this last week. Last week was lighting. The best times to take photographs of people {if possible} is later in the day. or at sunrise or sunset. The lighting is much better at those times.
I haven't seen my scrap room in weeks. I do have a bunch of newer pictures to scrapbook, just haven't got near my paper. :)
I'm sorry I've been a bad blogging friend lately. I will make the rounds and see  all the gorgeous work I've been missing.
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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Magnificent.... In a Childs Eyes

CTMH CS, Ric Rac, Pink Big Brads ~
Designer Paper Memory Keepers {Tiffany's} Thickers, Pink Plastic letters, Circle Punch
Yes i know my L is upside down. I fixed it after the fact. :)

 I took this picture of Meghan a few weeks ago. I love her pose and the  expression on her sweet little face. She looks like she's in Awe as she was looking at the birds and leaves. Reminds me of the sweet  innocents of a child.....but then her attention span wasn't too long either and she was talking and looking at other things.  "Capturing the Moment"..... Hmm, I like that title. :)

I Know my daughter  visits my blog  from time to time.  {I hope not this time!} I  don't have her as a FB friend, I chat about things I really don't want her reading  about,  especially Christmas gifts. :)  I'm thinking of putting a scrapbook together of all the pages I made of her girls and giving it to her as a Christmas gift. Though I haven't yet scrap booked a page of Ian. 
Last week Thursday I sold my first item on ebay. I have bought plenty from that site, but this time i was the seller. :)  I sold my Gypsy I bought last November.  I  used it only  a handful of times so I couldn't justify keeping it. It sold the same day. YAY!! No bids just a buy now for $$$. Plus Shipping{ est...10.70}  Cost me .75 cents to place the add. 4$ and something for pay pal and 10.20 to ship it to KS. Next time I sell something I'll add in these extra costs in the sale item. It sure was fun selling it though.
We'll be  painting the foundation on the house this coming weekend. I'll try to take before and after pictures.  Other than that..... Thanks so much for your visits and  sweet comments.
Have a great evening!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hello There....

Family & Friends!! 
 Sorry for the delay in posting but life gets busy and other things seem to take priority. A lot has been going on  the last 2 weeks. My photography class is going well. We had an off week this past week so we could practice on what we have learned so far, using the different settings. Here is a pic I took in manual.  

 Last Saturday my boys  participated in EAA Young Eagles Program.... a bonus for their  Wednesday Night Royal Rangers.  {church thing}They went flying for the first time.  I found out that" Harrison Ford is the Chairman for the Young Eagles Aviation. "Which gives kids the opportunity to demonstrate flying in a way that might not otherwise be possible." 

                                                                           Isn't this a  gorgeous view!

After we were done flying Micah made the comment that he knows how to fly a plane now. Accept his feet didn't quite reach the foot peddles.

Sam & Micah will both receive their Young Eagles Certificate.
Arlan took Micah & I up in the plane.  It was a blast and I'm so  glad we all got to experience it in the same day.
Charlie & Sam went up together with Poppi the pilot. :)

My daughter asked  if I would take Cailyn out for a photo shoot like i did Meghan. Of course I jumped at the opportunity since i needed the practice and my boys  are in school. They really don't want to pose for the camera.
Cailyn 2.5 was a challenge to photograph, she was either moving around or talking the whole time. She did do very well. I'm so glad her mommy came along. 
I love this one!
Of course she got to play at the park when we were done.

                     Oh we can't forget little baby brother  Ian. He just turned  6 months on Sept 26th. He's starting to eat fruits & veggies and loves them!! :)

Well that's about it. I'm not getting anything done sitting here. Charlie is out filling the cracks in the foundation so  we can prime and paint it before the snow flies.
Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend!!