Thursday, September 16, 2010

Photography Class Assignment

 My  class  assignment this week was on Aperture.  {Depth of field} I thought i would show how my photos turned out.  Taking picture's with  **no blur  and  blurred background**   I chose to use  Meghan my grand daughter as my model. : )  My boys are in school all day and I needed  natural sun light for the aperture,  and 4 year old little girls are just plain fun!!  : )  Esp my gbaby!!
 I really like this location  at the Quarry. With  the woods and water, a bridge, and  fallen trees as a back drop, how beautiful is that!!  We took our family fall pictures here last fall. 

Closed Aperture

Open Aperture

I like this one, but to me  it seems a little over exposed. I used the flash here.

 I told Meghan she could bring her favorite toy....  I set her up on a fallen tree. Meghan starting looking up at the leaves and birds. I was thinking how beautifully her eyes popped as she did that. The only photo editing was cropping. I was suppose to use a flash. It never went off, and I forget to turn it on.... Senior moment? not yet.... LOL

I feel like I'm  getting so much out of this class. Jessica Sprague Site  Class taught by Candice Stringham.   If photography interests you,  I would highly recommend it for anyone who loves taking pictures and  wants to know how to use all the bells and whistles  {Advanced mode settings} on your camera. A  EOS - SLR camera is recommended. Classes fill up fast so watch for  new registrations to be posted.  The beginners class is called.. "Oh Shoot" Standard Class

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Sharli said...

Oh Kari, your Gbaby is absolutely darling! Her huge blue eyes in that photo where she is looking up - - - that one is a REAL keeper! (both the girl and the photo!)


Kathi C. said...

I was so taken by the photos, I forgot to comment. They are beautiful. It helps, too, that you model is so very lovely.