Friday, September 3, 2010

It's that time again....

School year 2010-2011  started for my boy Sept. 1. There were a few bumps along the way but they  seemed to have adjusted well to there new school. Getting there picture taken before school was  a challenge. Sam says i take way too many pictures. LOL  I hope he thanks me one day, or maybe his wife will. :)
I had my gran babies the other night while  Meghan had open house at her school. So of course i took some pics of my gbabies.  I thought i would update  with some family pics of them too.

Sam 5th grade-Micah 3rd
Meghan ready for 4 year old pre school.
Ian 5 months old, so fun and such a  happy baby boy!!

Cailyn praying over her food. She prays for everyone else too. She's 2.5.  I snuck the camera into the kitchen again,  Told Cailyn we were going to bless our food,  How precious!! 
I have some exciting news. Some of you might remember about a year ago I talked about taking a photography class, well I'm registered!!! Yay!!! for Jessica Sprague's on line class...  " Oh Shoot" It's a 7 week course. Class starts Sept 6th. {Labor Day}  I also upgraded to a  Canon  EOS  Rebel T1i. I'm so excited that I'll finally learn how to use all the bells & whistles.
Well not much else going on. It's been quiet around here the last few days. : )  
With this being a Holiday Weekend I hope you all have a safe and  blessed  time with your family and friends!!
I'm finishing up on a card, I'll post soon! 
Thanks for stopping by!


Laurel said...

Handsome boys and what sweet girls, love the picture of her praying, how precious!

Jeanne said...

Great photos, Kari, especially the one with her praying. Awwwww...

I'm glad the boys are adjusting well to their new school and I hope they have a fabulous year. Our regular routine hasn't had time to be established yet, because my girls are already on a break from the school routine. They essentially have a week off from school...already! LOL

Jena said...

I haven't had a chance to stop by your blog lately but stole a few minutes today to visit - I just had to say wow, your boys are getting so big - and your grandbabies, too! Fun pics and projects you've shared lately - TFS!