Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane...

Hello friends & family.
I apologize for not commenting/posting this last week. My brain seems to be on overload these days.  I have been anxiously waiting for  July 17th to get here.  I'm so excited to see what God is going to do in Tijuana, Baja Mexico on this Missions Trip. and how he's going to use me.   Some families will get a new house of there own, and I get to help build it with the Newsboys. : )  Sharing the gospel and the   of Jesus with them...  is Priceless!
 The Boarding Kennel I checked out last week for Toby  was a totally dark damp dumpy kennel. I wasn't going to let my dog stay their for a week. The smell of pee nearly made me sick. Aside from that, I was thinking  about Baja and me  going on this trip, seeing how people have to live everyday.  Families living in  cardboard boxes or  tin sheds, breaks my heart to even  think about it. {reality was setting in} and not even wanting my own dog to stay in conditions like that for only a week. I have found another kennel that was cheaper and clean! Nuff said
We are so blessed with what we all have. But yet there are times I want even more! Last summer my sons had a neighbor boy come in the house for the first time to play Wii. One of his first remarks were... "you guys are rich" the kid was  about 11 years old. {we are Not rich, but in his eyes he was comparing what we had to his own home life} He comes and stays with his dad and step mom on some weekends durning the summer, the dad could give a flyin flip what his son does all weekend when he is staying with him. Blowing off fire crackers, dumping oil on a vacant garage floor,  his lunch is a bag of Doritos, and he wears the same clothes all weekend. Where is the love for his own son?   Sorry for the rant.

 I'm pretty much packed and ready to go. Charlie and boys will be  taking me to the airport {1 hour drive} Micah {8 yo} has been pretty teary eyed and doesn't want me to go away. aww  : (
My plane leaves at 8:30am CT. I arrive in San Diego at 12:50pm It's a 4.5 hour flight, no layovers! Oh, but I gain 2 hours when i get their. : ) 
Anyhoo, I have an iPhone and I heard we'll have electricity at the guarded ranch we'll be staying on. I'm not bringing my laptop. Charging my iPhone can plug in to a wall outlet.
As time allows I'm planning on posting photos and updates on Facebook. If your not my friend and want to be, you can be. Just do a search for... Carolyn Christie. I'll add you. I won't be here updating my blog  till after the 24th.
Well my  friends! I've got some laundry and last minute errands.
Thanks for stopping by! Please pray for me and my team  this next week.

Love & tight hugs as my new friend would write!
God's Blessings!!


Sharli said...

I will indeed keep you in my thoughts and prayers!

Lori said...

I know that you will be richly blessed from this trip. Have a wonderful time. Sorry to hear about your neighbor's son. It's so sad when parents don't care. I just don't understand it.

Laurel said...

Have a great trip. So sorry about the boy, I see that kind of stuff all the time, I wish I could take them all home.

Jeanne said...

Kari, I wish you all the best on this special trip. I know it will be difficult on many levels, but I hope you come away feeling good about the help you will be giving people. You are one very special lady to embrace this opportunity. And you've added a ray of sunshine to that neighbor boy's life. I'm sure he'll grow up remembering your kindness.

You'll be missed and thought of often while you are gone. I look forward to hearing about it when you get back.

Big hugs!

Flying high in the sky.... said...

take care and best of luck...will pray for you....

Alanna said...

I hope you have a fabulous trip Kari. I'm so excited for you.

Jena said...

Best wishes on your trip - God Bless!