Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Baja Missions Trip

Mother {Dulce} with her 4 kids and her sister on right.

It was so good to get home Saturday evening, but I have to tell you I left a part of my heart in Tijuana Mexico. I'm honored and humbled  that I was able to take this trip. I'll never take the littlest things for granted, or complain about pot holes again. The team I was on built one of the 6 houses that went up that week. This week another Missions Team is their. Another 6 houses. 12 houses total in 2 weeks. Glory to God!!
We lived on water & pb&j while out on the mission field. Our water bottle was our **Best Friend** We took it everywhere we went. We could not drink their water {would get sick} and we could not share ours with them. : (
Three girls from my team got sick during the week. Dehydrated. It was well over 100 degrees everyday with no humidity. Nights were 55-60*

Each day  M-Th was a daily routine. Every morning I woke up at 3-4 am to the sounds of a Donkey.... hee hawing and the Rooster... crowing. I'll never forget those sounds.  : ) 
Every morning  at 5:30 am we were all  awoken by worship music, breakfast at 6-6:30. {cereal} Worship time  6:30-7, Quite time, {personal journaling/bible reading} 7-7:30. Than we got together with our teams at 7:30, left by bus at 8 am to go back on  the mission field.

 Every day at 1:00 pm we had vbs {vacation bible school} with the kids, and everyday the group of kids got bigger. We had 67 kids on Thursday.  Many kids had accepted Jesus Christ as there personal  savior for the very first time. : D
 We left the mission field daily by 3:30-4pm Everyday the kids would ask us if we were coming back the next day at 1:00. Thursday we had to tell them no we weren't coming back. A lot of them cried. Saying good-bye was so hard on all of us.
There was a little boy named Alexander he had to be about 7 years old. The first few days we were their he was biting and kicking everyone that got close to him. The kids would all ask for "Capuche"  which means piggy back rides. Alexander would bite and kick you. By Thursday  Alex was a lot nicer and wasn't so mean, but than his cousin tried to stab him with a screwdriver.  Please pray for them and all of Tijuana.
Everyday & everywhere we went  was an Eye Opening Kodak Moment for me. There were just over 300 missionary's that went on this trip. Just seeing how these people have to live on a day to day basics broke our hearts. Even getting enough  food and water to survive was a struggle for them. 
We had pb&j sandwiches everyday for lunch, and a snack/orange. I gave my snack away to the son and him & his little sister were fighting over it. He slapped her on the arm and said NO! in Spanish 
Our teams went out everyday {we had a spanish translator} either working on the house or going door to door inviting families to vbs, offering prayer,  or our services to help with whatever they needed help with,  laundry, cleaning, or even digging a trench for a water line to go from one house to another.
Monday {19th} our team started building the house. {We weren't allowed to bring cameras the first day} Only Team Leaders. I may be able to get some  pics  from the first day.

In order for families to be eligible for a free house to be built my Missionary's.
#1) they had to own the land they lived on.
#2) They had to apply an application to Baja Christian Ministries.
Then from there, the word is sent out through internet ~ Teen Mania/ Global Expeditions and  missions groups are formed all over the world. I have to say that this was the first missions trip i went on. And Yes, I would do it again, even without the Newsboys being there!! : )
What pure joy and excitement  it was for me to pound those nails & framing the house together, and standing up the very first wall.

Please enjoy the photo album I put together. Sorry it  took so long posting,  I couldn't find the right code.... I narrowed it down to 150 photos {with some comments pertaining to each photos}.... I took over 400  
Friday was our Free day. We went to Rosarito Beach for the day shopping.

If you have any questions you would like to ask me about my trip, you can post them in a comment or e mail me at  kariberry97@yahoo.com  I would be more than happy to answer them if i can.

Thank you for your  Love, Prayers, Support, and Sweet Comments!!

The Newsboys

Jody,Jeff, Me, Michael, Duncan
How fun was this!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane...

Hello friends & family.
I apologize for not commenting/posting this last week. My brain seems to be on overload these days.  I have been anxiously waiting for  July 17th to get here.  I'm so excited to see what God is going to do in Tijuana, Baja Mexico on this Missions Trip. and how he's going to use me.   Some families will get a new house of there own, and I get to help build it with the Newsboys. : )  Sharing the gospel and the   of Jesus with them...  is Priceless!
 The Boarding Kennel I checked out last week for Toby  was a totally dark damp dumpy kennel. I wasn't going to let my dog stay their for a week. The smell of pee nearly made me sick. Aside from that, I was thinking  about Baja and me  going on this trip, seeing how people have to live everyday.  Families living in  cardboard boxes or  tin sheds, breaks my heart to even  think about it. {reality was setting in} and not even wanting my own dog to stay in conditions like that for only a week. I have found another kennel that was cheaper and clean! Nuff said
We are so blessed with what we all have. But yet there are times I want even more! Last summer my sons had a neighbor boy come in the house for the first time to play Wii. One of his first remarks were... "you guys are rich" the kid was  about 11 years old. {we are Not rich, but in his eyes he was comparing what we had to his own home life} He comes and stays with his dad and step mom on some weekends durning the summer, the dad could give a flyin flip what his son does all weekend when he is staying with him. Blowing off fire crackers, dumping oil on a vacant garage floor,  his lunch is a bag of Doritos, and he wears the same clothes all weekend. Where is the love for his own son?   Sorry for the rant.

 I'm pretty much packed and ready to go. Charlie and boys will be  taking me to the airport {1 hour drive} Micah {8 yo} has been pretty teary eyed and doesn't want me to go away. aww  : (
My plane leaves at 8:30am CT. I arrive in San Diego at 12:50pm It's a 4.5 hour flight, no layovers! Oh, but I gain 2 hours when i get their. : ) 
Anyhoo, I have an iPhone and I heard we'll have electricity at the guarded ranch we'll be staying on. I'm not bringing my laptop. Charging my iPhone can plug in to a wall outlet.
As time allows I'm planning on posting photos and updates on Facebook. If your not my friend and want to be, you can be. Just do a search for... Carolyn Christie. I'll add you. I won't be here updating my blog  till after the 24th.
Well my  friends! I've got some laundry and last minute errands.
Thanks for stopping by! Please pray for me and my team  this next week.

Love & tight hugs as my new friend would write!
God's Blessings!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"Grandchildren fill a space in your heart that you never knew was empty"

You know me, I can't resist posting pics of my family and grand babies. We just got some new updated pics of the grand kids. Aren't they precious!!

Our newest grand baby~ Ian 3 months

Cailyn, Ian, Meghan
Meghan turns 4
Cailyn 2.5 years old
Our children are a gift from God, our grandchildren are the reward!

I'm hoping to be back soon with a page/card. Summer is in full swing here and there's lots to do to keep everyone  entertained. Our pool is getting a lot of use. I'm busy getting things in order and packing for  my Missions Trip. 9 more days. {see right sidebar} I hate camping. Charlie's hoping I'll really start to love it  when i get back. :)
We decided to have Toby  kenneled for the week I'm gone. He'll have the luxury suite, which means he'll get 2 walks a day, full run in/outdoor kennel, lots of attention, and a bath before he leaves. LOL We tried  getting one of our neighbors watch him, but they're already dog sitting. We didn't want to ask Mark & Christyl, they're already taking are kids for the week. Charlie has his honey do list to do while we're all gone. Than the Friday before I get back he'll be taking the boys to Father & Son Ranger Camp. So i won't see them till Sunday when they get home. 
Anyhoo, all is well, just getting everything in order. 
Thanks for stopping by!