Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Update..... Missions Trip Fundraiser

Some of you may already know I'm going on a Missions Trip in a few weeks to Tijuana in Baja Mexico. {see my countdown on right of sidebar}   I'm so excited but yet nervous at the same time.  My Rep Marvin  from Global Expeditions has encouraged me to have a fundraiser to raise $$ for my trip. I needed to raise $278.00 out of the $1040.00 I needed. This past Saturday I did just that. PTL!! I had a car wash and cook out at our house. My dear sweet husband cooked out brats, burgers. We also had chips, I made 4 pans of brownies,  some bottled water. I had heard I could rent pay a $10.00 deposit on 2 "No Parking" signs so no one could park in front of my house during the event. That worked out great! Here are some pics. Enjoy!! :)


Our 1st guests ~sweet neighbors

Charlie serving up the food.

Kids cooling off, it was a beautiful warm day!

Let the car washing begin! Sam was my helper when he wasn't playing around with the stereo system. :)

 Tony & his beautiful wife Rebecca

My friend Tracy

Our new neighbor Yvonne

My neighbor Tony is a DJ and offered to set up his stereo system for the event. I cranked played Newsboys cd's all day. How fun!!

I washed about 5 cars, but they mostly came to eat and support my cause.

The end of a Blessed Day!
I raised $297.00
Thank You to everyone who supported me!! Thank you Charlie for all your hard work!!!!

So much has been going on this last month. My last post we were getting ready for our SIL Marks BD party. That was great!
Charlie & I celebrated 13 years of marriage May 24th ~  June is a busy month for us as well....My boys got out of school  on the 4th. We had my granddaughter Meghan's 4th BD party on the 11th.  My BD was the 15th. {thank you Erica & Sparkle for the gorgeous BD cards!  Check out their blogs they do amazing work, not to mention some sweet cyber friends too!  My boys have been in swimming lessons the last 2 weeks. Sam has baseball games  twice a week, and  getting ready for  my Missions Fundraiser... well lets just say my head is still spinning. Sam leaves for Church Ranger Camp on Thursday. We have our church picnic this Sunday.
I received my pack list from GE for my trip. Those of you who know me know I Hate Camping! {I hate bugs!!!}  I don't even camp with my family...Guess what? We'll be  on a guarded ranch, Camping!! God is up to something! : /   I'm not whinning complaining.  I just hope the bugs are gone when I get their. LOL
Things i need to bring... Large duffle bag. Airline says... less than 50lbs when packed} Is that possible? Backpack, sleeping bag/pillow, candy for the kids.
I'll try not to stay away so long this time. I do need to get reacquainted with my scrap room/stamps/paper/toys. I did make a cute card a few weeks ago. I try and get it posted soon.
Well my friends, I'm off again, the kids have swim lessons. There done this Thursday.  But than they start up again when I get back from my trip.  
I  hope you're having a wonderful summer....


Lori said...

Congratulations on raising the funds. How exciting for you to be going on this trip.

Alanna said...

I'm glad the fundraiser went well and that you were able to raise all the money you need to. Enjoy the rest of your time here before your trip.

Sharli said...

Congrats on the success! Isn't it wonderful to have good friends?!

Sparkle said...

What lovely pictures! I'm glad you had a great turn out!

Jeanne said...

What a fantastic idea for a fundraiser and I'm so very glad it was so successful for you, Kari! I'm sure all the work you are doing ahead of time is paving the road to a truly memorable trip.

You sure have been busy! But it all sounds like a wonderful busy. Yay.

Have a great rest of your week, Sweetie!