Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hope you have a tail wagging day, everyday!

Products Used Close to my Heart CS & DP~ Heart of Winter, Ric Rac, Dog Stamp Whipper Snapper, Sentiment, Hanna Stamps, Brads,  Nestables, Liquid Glass, Foam Dots, Copic Markers.

Hope you like the card! I made it a few weeks ago, just haven't posted it yet. Charlie took Micah fishing this morning so I have some ME time to get  some stuff done, so here i sit. :)  Ahhh... Blogging
 Here are a few pics of what we've been up to this last month, and it hasn't slowed down. I feel like I'm still tyring to play catch up. With my Mission trip coming up in a few weeks I'm tyring to get organized & packed. Global Expeditions gave us a pack list. Airline only allows us to pack 50 lbs or less in our duffel bag. NO suite case. As far as a carry on?... backpack & sleeping bag. Gosh I hope that flies. $49.00 if your check-in bag is over 50 lbs.

Micah waiting patiently to assemble the pool and fill it.

Just goofing around while the pool fills.

Love this pic I took of Micah heading back to the van after fishing.

Thursday I got my 1st fishing license. YAY  Micah & I went fishing for the first time ever!.  I even bought some worms...Caught nothing, but we made some great memories! I don't do worms, but the man & son who was on the pier when we got their, put the worm on the hook for me. Micah said to me...quote "Mom be a man" face your fears and do it" end quote. I  still LOL when I think of what he said. Micah is 8 yo.

Nice warm day!

Batter Up!

Meghan's rain gear, she loved it! We're the  Bestest grammy & papa! : )
Complete with boots.

My daughter made her dress, not the shirt or bow. Isn't she adorable!?!! When ever Meghan sees me, she runs and says... grammy, grammy, grammy and gives me a big hug. There's nothing like being a grandparent!! You have to be one to know the awesome love & joy it brings to your heart!
Meghan's traditional silly string fun at her BD party.

We're ready!!  :)

The pool took 14 hours to fill. Yikes!! I called the water company just to see what it would cost to fill a 14' x 42" pool. 3740 gallons. Are you ready for this?... $5.00 and $2.00 on the sewer charge. That's alright with us, for 3.5 months of Sumner fun!

Sam has been at Church Ranger Camp since Thursday morning, he'll be home Sunday @ 1pm.
Charlie got his fishing license yesterday so Micah, Charlie & I went fishing down by the river last night. {I forgot my camera} Micah & I caught some Goby fish. 3 total} According to the fishing book Charlie got with his Trout Stamp.  Wisconsin waters are  under attack by a growing list of... aquatic invasive species. Goby fish  being one of them... Yikes, all we wanted to do was fish. LOL

Anyhoo, hope you enjoyed my catch up. It's amazing what you can get done when you have the house to yourself, and  it doesn't have to always be housework!
Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend!


Sparkle said...

Such cute pictures! I love the lady bug set! What a darling card too!

Alanna said...

Super cute card Kari. And what fun pics. Love the pool too. I can't believe it was so cheap to fill. WOW.

Julie said...

I love your pictures and sharing Kari. I really, really do. 14 hours to fill the pool, good thing the kids were patient.
Take care Kari and thanks for stopping by today. Chat later.
Have a great holiday weekend. God Bless!!!