Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Meghan's 1st Ballet Recital

This last Saturday morning  my granddaughter Meghan had her 1st Ballet Recital. She did so good, we were so proud of her!! They asked us not to take any  still flash photos of the little girls durning their performance because it might throw them off.
The song they danced to was called.. "I need a nap" It was precious! Meghan will be 4 in June. Most of these photos my daughter took at Meghan's dress  rehearsal the Thursday before. The pic of Meghan & Cailyn was taken after the recital. Cailyn had a little red tutu and ruby red shoes.... Sweet!!! 

This was at the end of the performance when all the girls came out to take a bow. I snapped this quick shot. Considering we were pretty far away, the zoom turned out quite nicely i think.
Some of you who visit my Korner might be grandparents. Well, we have bragging rights too!  : ) I hope you enjoyed seeing my sweet  granddaughter's. We love them so much!

Thanks for stopping by!


Sparkle said...

Such darling photos!

Sharli said...

What adorable girls!! I LOVE the poses - they are both so sweet! I'm glad you got some photos - I can dream of some great layouts for these! ;-)


Alanna said...

What a cutie pie. Love the costume. I'm sure it was so much fun to watch. My daughter who is 10 has her first recital next month. It's a hip hop class. I can't wait to watch it.

Jena said...

So cute - I can't believe how big she is getting! Brianna just had her dance recital this weekend as well - she started dance right before she turned 3, so this was her 4th recital - it's fun to watch them grow!

Jeanne said...

What SWEET photos. Your granddaughters are adorable and you definitely have bragging rights, so talk about them ALL you want!

My girls haven't taken dance (yet), so I didn't realize how much detail can go into their dance outfit. Wow! She looks wonderful in her tutu (both girls do). I'm sure you were bursting with pride every minute of that recital! Thanks for sharing.