Friday, April 16, 2010

Patchwork Baby Card

Products Used!  CTMH CS,& Textured White, Anna Griffin DP Hanna Collections, Sweet n Sassy Pond Pals {congrats} Black Ink,  CM Square Punch, Misc.  ribbon, sewing machine.

Well it was either post this card as is, or make another one. I'll probably remake  it. I was stamping the back of the card with "Made With Love" stamp and i had black ink on my finger {not knowing} When i flipped the card over i got ink on the  bottom square, dang it! I already had it all  stitched. So i made a dummy square, if it looks a litttle goofy, that's what happend.   I was in a mood to make a patchwork baby card using my sewing machine. I do like to sew. It's either on CS or mending my families clothes. I haven't made anything clothes wise in years.
TGIF, Micah has a birthday sleep over tonight, Sam has a friend sleeping over. And as far as I know Charlie has off tomorrow.  He was suppose to start working Saturday's but that hasn't happened  yet. Which is fine with us, we like him home.
The garage is almost sided. Just a few more pieces.

Well i feel bad my card turned out to be a flop. But I still like it. :) I'm hoping to play again this weekend, maybe another patchwork?
Thanks for stopping by! Have a great evening!! 


Kathi C. said...

If you messed up your card, I couldn't tell in the photo. And you're not the only inky-fingered stamper that's had such oops. I'm not above fixing mine with Photo Shop. LOL.

I love your card. Your stitching is awesome.

It sounds like you have a good weekend to look forward to. Enjoy!!

Sparkle said...

The card is darling. Can you make another square and pop dot it?

Sharli said...

The card is very sweet - and your stitching is awesome!!! I like Sparkle's idea - everyone is using dimension these days - maybe that will work?

You're not alone - I try HARD to remember to close the ink immediately after stamping - I've had more than one bad experience.

Enjoy your weekend!

Jeanne said...

Oh Kari, this is so sweet! I can imagine how you must have felt when you got ink in the card. But your fix is a good one and I also like Sparkle's idea.

Would love to see you sewing again! I'm having so much fun!

Have a great weekend, sweetie!