Monday, April 19, 2010

Garage is finished....

Hey, Thanks so much for your sweet comments about my previous patchwork card! I'm happy with the way it turned out, it was very easy to make.  5.5 x 4.25 card.  
Here was our near to last big house project we had going on last week. I'm so glad it's done. When Jim came over 2 weeks ago and did the last 3 small areas  of siding on the house. He gave us a  really good estimate on siding the garage, so we jumped on it. We already had the siding bought from last fall. 
Today I'm painting the inside garage entry doors white. First coat is on.

We have a patio set we put out. Can't wait till it warms up!

They do awesome work!! But one  pet peeve my husband had, was they sawed  the plywood inside the  garage. Charlie's motorcycle looked like it went through the sawmill. He was not too happy.

 Same card {scroll down} just redid the sentiment and pop dotted the square. I also noticed how much more brighter the card shows up using the daylight bulb. The textured white CS is so white. It didn't photogragh well outside. Looked to washed out.

Ahhh, It's done. The color siding is  Ivy, the  trim is Almond from Home Depot.
Well you can't have the Front without the Back. right :) Oh, and the tree just left of the garage, Charlie is taking that down. Our pool we  put up the last few years got full of leaf trash,  we decided to take it down.
Well, I hope you enjoyed the little tour around our house garage. : )  We have lived here 12.5 years. So when we ever decide to sell it...  it might sell a little faster with the improvements we made. 
Thanks for stopping by, you are so sweet!! 


Sparkle said...

What a great job! It'll be nice to set out the patio furniture!

Kathi C. said...

Your garage (and house) look great! Love the colors you chose. I've probably said that before somewhere along the way.

Yesterday's card was awesome, and it appears that minor card surgery made your great patchwork card even better. They photographed beautifully, too. I'll have to check out those lightbulbs.

Hope your week is a good one, friend!

Sharli said...

Love your garage - how nice to have that completed!! I can just feel the pain for your DH and his motorcycle. Oh dear.

The re-worked card is EXCELLENT! I love it even more than before!


Carmen@Thriftstorehorror said...

lovin' the pop dot idea from sparkle - it looks great. and a bit w00t on finishing the house and garage. such a good feeling!! and it looks fabulous!

Jeanne said...

Wow! The garage looks awesome! I love the name of the color you mom was called Ivy! (her full name was Ivaloe) The guys did a great job and I know you will enjoy how nice it looks for a long time to come. Now, you'll have to share your new patio set when it's all set up!

That lightbulb made a world of difference. I had to scroll back because I thought the card today was different! Wow! The fix you did looks great. Thanks to Sparkle for suggesting it!

What a sense of accomplishment you must be feeling!

Laurel said...

What a fabulous garage! prettty card too, love the stitching!