Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Faces of Ian & Decisions

My little grandson Ian  was a month old yesterday. My daughter & I did a little bumming and went out for lunch, all 5 of us. Christyl, Me, Meghan, Cailyn, Ian.
A friend of mine had some baby boys clothes for Christyl to go through, plus i have been saving all my boys clothes since my kids have grown out of them.

As of yet he is still Ian, but i  call him Bean. His daddy is 6'2" 

I love to see a baby yawn
Ian loves his nuck. Christyl said both her girls refused to take it.{not that she wanted them to} Ian can't get enough of it.
We're all doing well, just making some family decisions on where to send our boys to  school  this fall. We are thinking of  putting them in  Public School.  Nothing against the  Lutheran Schools/Church, but we have visited this idea in the past, and are still pondering it.  For  personal reasons, as well as cost is one factor, and what they are getting out of it vs PS 
 I visited one PS school this morning and met with the principal, had a tour. I liked it. This school  was the only School in Sheboygan County to receive the State Academic Award. 
 Registration is $20.00 vs $300.00 what we were paying. Plus tuition went up $505.00 since last year. {we are  not members of the Lutheran Church} so we pay full tuition. Both boys enrolled is $4500. for the school year plus added fees. 
We haven't told our boys yet, upon hear this they will probably kick & scream but i believe we are doing the right thing. Most of the kids in our neighbourhood go to this PS. They will know some of the kids.
 My husband & I talked about it last night, we have friends praying for us, this morning i felt total peace about the whole thing. The school is  6 blocks from our house. They can walk or ride their bikes which is what they want to do anyway. It will just be an adjustment and not seeing their friends will be the hardest.

Well, I will keep you informed as to how this all pans out. If you want to pray for us. Please pray our kids take this school change as a good thing!
We might even be able to to take a  V*A*C*A*T*I*O*N  to Fl to visit grandparents. They would love that!
Thanks for stopping by and letting me vent as well.



Jena said...

Oh, he is so handsome! Congrats! And good luck deciding on what to do with the upcoming school year!

Sparkle said...

Ian is just adorable!

I made the switch from private school to public school at the beginning of high school. I know they're younger than that, but I can relate. The biggest transitions for me was that I went from a class of 24 who I knew since 1st grade to a freshman class of 500. Once I made friends though, I was fine.

Good luck with your decision! I will keep you in my thoughts.

Lori said...

I understand what you are going through. Lexi is in a Lutheran Preschool, a kinderlinks program, and she loves it there. We do too. But, because of the cost and what Sparkle mentioned above, her parents have chosen to put her in the public school. I am so concerned about throwing her into a school where she won't have the love and support of the Christian school. So, I can relate to your concern. Ian is just adorable. So sweet.

Laurel said...

Adorable pics! Good luck and whatever decision you make will be the right one for the right reasons.

Sharli said...


It's your decision to make - of course. But, my 2 cents worth: I am a believer in public schools. They provide an environment where the child can learn not just reading, writing, and arithmetic - but also valuable social skills and learn to accept and appreciate diversity in social class and cultures. These are skills that will make better adults. I think religion is best taught by example, by the family.

Ok. I'll stop now.

Jeanne said...

Oh that Ian is such a little sweetie! He's growing so quickly, too. I'm glad you all got a chance to go out together. *Ü*

I will think positive thoughts for you as you come to making your final decision on what to do with the boys in the fall. Kids are much more resilient than we realize sometimes and the perks you mentioned will certainly ease some of the discomforts of switching schools. I've gone to public schools my entire life, and have no experience with private. I do feel I had a pretty well rounded education and as Sharli mentioned, learned how to socialize and become familiar with many different cultures I might not have otherwise.

Maybe we got really lucky, but the school where the girls go is relatively small and they get lots of support and encouragement from all the teachers and parent volunteers.

As parents, I think your support of any change will set a good example to the kids on how to accept the what comes their way. Good luck!

Lisa said...

Oh I could just squeeze Ian! What a dollbaby. As for the schools, just remember--Do you best, God will do the rest. Love you

Alanna said...

Ian is just adorable. Good luck with the decision on schooling. They will bounce back. I'm sure you'll make the right decision.