Thursday, April 29, 2010


  Thank you for your sweet kind words on my previous post!

The last 3 days I have been hearing this word **Resilient** a number of times concerning my boys and their school change this fall. I have come to believe that they'll adjust just fine. {they'll bounce back}
Resilient..... The ability to recover quickly from illness, change, or misfortune; buoyancy.

I told them yesterday and they both cried.  I knew they would, {I felt bad} so i thought what better way to prepare them then to take them to see their new school.  They met the principal and some of the teachers. They warmly welcomed them!  Well to my surprise when they found out they would have  their own locker,  it was a done deal.  :) But i knew there would be days when they'd say they don't wanna go their. This morning was that day....  it will all work out and they'll still be able to visit their friends.
Thanks again for your kind words!

Have a wonderful day!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Faces of Ian & Decisions

My little grandson Ian  was a month old yesterday. My daughter & I did a little bumming and went out for lunch, all 5 of us. Christyl, Me, Meghan, Cailyn, Ian.
A friend of mine had some baby boys clothes for Christyl to go through, plus i have been saving all my boys clothes since my kids have grown out of them.

As of yet he is still Ian, but i  call him Bean. His daddy is 6'2" 

I love to see a baby yawn
Ian loves his nuck. Christyl said both her girls refused to take it.{not that she wanted them to} Ian can't get enough of it.
We're all doing well, just making some family decisions on where to send our boys to  school  this fall. We are thinking of  putting them in  Public School.  Nothing against the  Lutheran Schools/Church, but we have visited this idea in the past, and are still pondering it.  For  personal reasons, as well as cost is one factor, and what they are getting out of it vs PS 
 I visited one PS school this morning and met with the principal, had a tour. I liked it. This school  was the only School in Sheboygan County to receive the State Academic Award. 
 Registration is $20.00 vs $300.00 what we were paying. Plus tuition went up $505.00 since last year. {we are  not members of the Lutheran Church} so we pay full tuition. Both boys enrolled is $4500. for the school year plus added fees. 
We haven't told our boys yet, upon hear this they will probably kick & scream but i believe we are doing the right thing. Most of the kids in our neighbourhood go to this PS. They will know some of the kids.
 My husband & I talked about it last night, we have friends praying for us, this morning i felt total peace about the whole thing. The school is  6 blocks from our house. They can walk or ride their bikes which is what they want to do anyway. It will just be an adjustment and not seeing their friends will be the hardest.

Well, I will keep you informed as to how this all pans out. If you want to pray for us. Please pray our kids take this school change as a good thing!
We might even be able to to take a  V*A*C*A*T*I*O*N  to Fl to visit grandparents. They would love that!
Thanks for stopping by and letting me vent as well.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

He is.....Funny, Quirky, Kissable, Unstoppable, Spontaneous, Irresistible, Energetic, Clever, Amazing, Extraorinary, Witty, Rough on the outside ~ Gentle on the inside, Wonderful, Thoughtful...and Loved!

           Oh and did I mention "Strong Willed"....
Sam I Am!

Inspired by Dr Seuss? You bet!! 
A few weeks ago  I was cleaning out the boys bookshelf.  Books they don't read anymore, I came across this one [put it aside}...inspiration was stirred,  I  remembered reading this book to my boys when they were little....
 "I do not like them, Sam I Am" 
Well this morning was the perfect time to make the  Sam I am page.
Oh and did I mention I had a rough morning  getting them ready and off to school. I won't go into detail. But i decided not to hold on to the anger. Instead i did what any normal stay at home mom/ scrapbooker would do.... I created a page.... LOL.... turned those negative angry feelings  into something more  positive.  I will never forget working on this layout today. It brought back all the positive qualities I felt about my son. Dispite how i was feeling earlier.
We all need to vent, sometimes life is hard.... But I love the family God has given me!  

Products Used~ CTMH CS,  It's a Guy Thing Paper Pack & Stickease. Thicker Letters, Plastic Slider Frame,  Brads, Sewing Machine.

 Thanks for your sweet comments on my previous post. Thanks for stopping by! Have a great evening with those you love!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Garage is finished....

Hey, Thanks so much for your sweet comments about my previous patchwork card! I'm happy with the way it turned out, it was very easy to make.  5.5 x 4.25 card.  
Here was our near to last big house project we had going on last week. I'm so glad it's done. When Jim came over 2 weeks ago and did the last 3 small areas  of siding on the house. He gave us a  really good estimate on siding the garage, so we jumped on it. We already had the siding bought from last fall. 
Today I'm painting the inside garage entry doors white. First coat is on.

We have a patio set we put out. Can't wait till it warms up!

They do awesome work!! But one  pet peeve my husband had, was they sawed  the plywood inside the  garage. Charlie's motorcycle looked like it went through the sawmill. He was not too happy.

 Same card {scroll down} just redid the sentiment and pop dotted the square. I also noticed how much more brighter the card shows up using the daylight bulb. The textured white CS is so white. It didn't photogragh well outside. Looked to washed out.

Ahhh, It's done. The color siding is  Ivy, the  trim is Almond from Home Depot.
Well you can't have the Front without the Back. right :) Oh, and the tree just left of the garage, Charlie is taking that down. Our pool we  put up the last few years got full of leaf trash,  we decided to take it down.
Well, I hope you enjoyed the little tour around our house garage. : )  We have lived here 12.5 years. So when we ever decide to sell it...  it might sell a little faster with the improvements we made. 
Thanks for stopping by, you are so sweet!! 

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thinking of You

Products Used~ CTMH CS, Textured CS Base, Olive Ink, My Minds Eye DP, Laundry Line, SU Square Punch, Twine, Bookplate Tag, Foam Dots.  Card is glittery in real life.

Good Sunday Morning To You!

What a difference a light bulb makes?? My family & I  went to Home Depot yesterday to pick up a few  building supplies. So I went off and  looked for a daylight bulb to photogragh my cards, found one. I'm hoping things are looking a  little brighter on my Korner of the Web.  :) But then again  there is always the great outdoors  back porch to photograph my cards. LOL
I was going to use stitching on this card but decided against it. Thought it might take away from the pattern. 
Thanks for your sweet comments on my previous post, I know we all  have had an inky smudge from time to time. It happens.  Thank you Sparkle for suggesting I pop dot  a new square. I did that!
 Friday the guys finished up  siding the garage. We   spent part of yesterday afternoon cleaning up all the scrap siding.  I'll  post pics only  if you want to see it  finished. Well, that would be it for me.
Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful day!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Patchwork Baby Card

Products Used!  CTMH CS,& Textured White, Anna Griffin DP Hanna Collections, Sweet n Sassy Pond Pals {congrats} Black Ink,  CM Square Punch, Misc.  ribbon, sewing machine.

Well it was either post this card as is, or make another one. I'll probably remake  it. I was stamping the back of the card with "Made With Love" stamp and i had black ink on my finger {not knowing} When i flipped the card over i got ink on the  bottom square, dang it! I already had it all  stitched. So i made a dummy square, if it looks a litttle goofy, that's what happend.   I was in a mood to make a patchwork baby card using my sewing machine. I do like to sew. It's either on CS or mending my families clothes. I haven't made anything clothes wise in years.
TGIF, Micah has a birthday sleep over tonight, Sam has a friend sleeping over. And as far as I know Charlie has off tomorrow.  He was suppose to start working Saturday's but that hasn't happened  yet. Which is fine with us, we like him home.
The garage is almost sided. Just a few more pieces.

Well i feel bad my card turned out to be a flop. But I still like it. :) I'm hoping to play again this weekend, maybe another patchwork?
Thanks for stopping by! Have a great evening!! 

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

SiLly sTRiNg

It was after I finished the page I came up with a more creative title idea. I should have made the word silly more "Silly" But I didn't want the title to over ride the photos. Oh well maybe it wouldn't have made a difference.
 I thought about redoing the page, but I'm not. I also ran out of the sassy strands.
 Can you tell Sam is more agressive than Micah? Sam will keep pushing till he gets his own way. or figures out it just ain't working... by that time I'm ready to scream. :) 
Micah is very layed back, but he will push back when he's had enough of his brother. :)  I'm so glad I get to journal about this day of summer fun!  LOL.... Hope you like the page!

Products Used~ CTMH CS &  DP,"Stardust" White  Sassy Strands, Brads, SU Photo Corners Punch, Sticko Foam Letters, Pull Out Journal Tag.
I use this Scotch Permanent Adhesive a lot, {fine & broad tip} especially when i have to draw fine lines to  adhere things like the sassy strands on this page. Or glue down  tiny buttons when small glue dots are even too big. 

We're in the process of siding our garage. Two guys started working on it yesterday. They have all the new plywood up. Today they're wrapping it and starting on the siding.  Thanks for  your sweet comments on my previous post! It feels great to have the house done!
Well, you all have a great day, thanks again for stopping by! 

Sunday, April 11, 2010

We're Finished!!!

 Hey a few of you might remember this project? Well, on Friday Thursday we **Finally** completed the siding job on our house, that took us.... 2 Springs, 2 Summers, 2 Falls and  3 hours, Spring of 2010..... YAY!.... 
My husband didn't want to finish the last 3  small areas so we knew someone who would.  We're also  getting our garage done this coming week....  I never did  updated from  where we left off last fall, you can see  June 2009   here  If you want to follow where we started from...Sigh....  Spring 2008.  You can start from  Our House in Progress # 1 on my left side bar under label Cloud - 1 through 7.  
I can't believe it's done! : D  Yippeeee
We sure had lower heating bills this past winter, compared to a few years ago.

Getting ready to put the vent in.
There was another V area where the top of the ladder is. Done!
All Done!

I hope you enjoyed our house project, we're so glad it's done. I hope to be back with a page I'm finishing up on.  Hope you're having a Happy Sunday!

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

God is Gracious...

Our Precious Grandson

The little bean is 13 days old today, He had his 2 week check up this morning and is back up to his birth weight.  He lost almost a pound the first week, but most babies do lose some weight.
I'm just tickled pink... I took these photos of Ian this morning. Christyl liked them so much that her & Mark used the first photo for their  birth annoncement. Christyl loves the hat.                                
                                          Ian means.... "God is Gracious"

They're tossing back and forth a nickname for the little guy. {I call him Bean} Not Mr Bean.... silly.... Just Bean...  Meghan is noodle and Cailyn is KK. It's funny what we call our kids these days, otherthan there given name. I'll let ya know what they decide on.
Hey, remember last fall when  that guy was gonna finish the last bit of  siding we didn't get to finish? Well here's here today working on it. He gave us an estimate on doing the garage. We just may let him do it. Charlie has no time right now.
Well thanks for stopping by! Thanks for all your sweet comments!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


 After picking up the Cricut "Wild Cards" Cartridge I couldn't wait to play with it. There is so much cool stuff on it,  it's hard to decide what to make first. I seen a card made by Laurel  a while back that tempted  "Inspired" me to get this cartridge.  Thanks Laurel!  : )

Products Used~ CTMH CS,  April's Stamp of the Month~ Flower Pot,  Black & Honey Ink,  Small Scallop Circle Punch. { Cricut Wild Cards Cartridge... Base, Shadow and Envy} Brads, Liquid Glass, Copic Markers. {envy front scallop flap is folded down with shadow & adhered}

Top of envy stays open. Card is tucked inside... I set the cricut on 4 1/4  for the card & envy. 
I need to cut this short. I've neglected my laundry for days, kids have early release today, lots to do yet and I'm not feeling that great. If your a women reading this, I'm sure you can relate if you still have your plumbing... I wish I could have it all pulled.

Anyway, Thanks for your comments showing Thrift Store Horrors some  love! They loved their Blog Award. {I'm glad} Hahaha.... Too funny!

Thanks for stoppin by friends!

Monday, April 5, 2010

This Blog Award Goes To.....

Thrift Store Horrors.   My hope is Carmen and her friends will be "Honored" to accept this Blog Award! You deserve it ladies for all your hard work finding those thrift store  treasures that will most likely remain on the shelves...unclaimed for who knows how long. :)
I just so happened to find a yummy chocolate cake  in clip art, added some text and now it's ready to be passed on....

Do you know of a blogger who is also deserving of this Blog Award" Please share their  blog with us, and pass this award along. Let's keep bloggin fun! Have a wonderful day!

Happy Blogging Everyone!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

I can't take it anymore...

 I have to share this....Ok, we all love a good deal right . Some of us even go to  Thrift Stores to find someone elses treasures, I do, and I know Jeanne  does too.... Well,  this past week I noticed I had a New Follower on my blog {thank you very much!}  so like the curious blogger I am, I went to check out my new follower. I have to tell you this blogger is a Hoot. She and her friend check out Thrift Stores for the most Bizarre things. Thrift Store Horrors  I LOL so hard at her postings and  some of the things she found are scary. Maybe that's why someone gave up that stuff.
We all blog about different things, but this one takes the cake!!!  She ought to get a blogging award. :)
I'll be checking out her blog often. I even added her in my Google Reader. Thank you Carmen & Kim, you're part of what makes bloggin so fun!!

Thanks for stoppin by!  Have a Blessed Easter weekend everyone!