Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pretty Pincesses

 My grandaughters love to play  dress up. Aren't they adorable!  I would think it would be awful hard to walk in a shoes that your toes are hanging over the top.... hahaha.... they don't care. : )  Christyl had told me that for Meghan's 4th birthday Party this June, they'll have a princess birthday. All the birthday guests [little girls} will have to wear their princess dress to the party. How cute!
No baby yet..... Tomorrow morning at 8:30 CT is the big day. Can't wait to meet   hold the little bean. I'll post pics of baby Ian when i can.{but not before the parents do} Till then, here's his two big sisters.

Thanks for stoppin by, have a great day my friends!!


Kathi C. said...

These little girls are so very, very cute. I'm anxious to hear all about their little brother. Praying all goes well.

Enjoy Ian's "birth" day, Kari!

Sparkle said...

They're so cute!

Jeanne said...

These are two of THE cutest princesses I've seen in a very long time (aside from my own two, when they are feeling 'princess-y', of course). Love the toes hanging over!

Feeling very excited for your family today. May all go well and I look forward to seeing the newest pea added to the pod!

Laurel said...

Ah they are adorable! love the toe shot!

Alanna said...

What darlings. Super cute.