Thursday, March 11, 2010

Flowers for you....

Products Used~ Whipper Snapper Stamp {Flowers for you duck} CTMH  CS Textured CS, Liquid Glass,  Sponge Dabbed Sunny Yellow Ink,   Misc. flower,brad, rub-on, Copic Markers.

What a sweet image!! I just love these stamp designs by WS. I loved the card that my friend Kathi made a few day ago on Kathi's Corner. She makes the cutest/prettist cards!!
Not a whole lot going on. Charlie's on Mega OT.  We are so thankful he has a job to go to.  Come April he'll be on 6 ~ 10's. Geesh.  Ok I'm done venting.
My son Sam is interested in becoming a drummer. {earplugs anyone, and warn the neighbors}  The last few weeks at church he has really taken an interest in the drummer  durning the  worship service. He just watches him play.   It just so happens my friend is selling her daughter's drumset for a bargin price. We are going to look at the set tomorrow.  We also found out that  one of the music stores in town is going to start giving drum lessons the end of March. $14.00 per half hour. Another music store in town is $17 per half hour. Sam is pumped and wants to take the lessons.
Sam will be in 5th grade come fall, he wants to play the drums in the school  band. Oh, and did i mention Micah wants to play the  bass guitar. : )  
Charlie has bought the boys ukulele's a few years ago, they have no interest in that anymore. Charlie loves the to play it, and thought the boys would follow suite. For a while they did.
 Anyhoo,  i better get dinner on the table. Thanks for stopping by!! Have a great evening!!


Kathi C. said...

Your card brought an instant smile to my face! It's SO cute and colored to absolute perfection. As for the shout out, thank you so much, although I didn't have a darned thing to do with the cuteness of your awesome card.

Drums? We missed that one, and I don't think I'm sorry. LOL. Oldest son went from the sax to a trumpet to a trombone and played/plays the bass guitar (like his rocker dad). It seemed for a while like we were collecting instruments, although he mastered them all. I've since recovered from the drain on the pocketbook and after all these years, am glad we encouraged him.

Charlie's long hours sound like a bummer and a blessing rolled into one package.

Take care, sweet friend!

Sparkle said...

Sorry for the long days and hours for Charlie. But your card is just darling!

I played flute and my brother played trumpet. He played all the way through college too. Once I got to high school, I picked choir over band.

Jeanne said...

That has got to be one of THE sweetest images I've seen in a long time! It's an instant smile grabber. Wonderful coloring! Love it!

Good luck surviving the instrument era. Not having a musical background I can only imagine the time and investment necessary to master one. You are great parents to encourage their interests and not insist on they following yours!

Have a wonderful weekend, Kari!

Laurel said...

Ok that is so cute! Sorry about the long work hours, that is definitely hard on a family.

Alanna said...

First, your card is so cute. It's colored fabulously and I love the sponging you did.

Second, drums?? Yikes. I think it is good for kids to take up musical instruments, though. I say, just whip out the ear plugs and let them have at it.

As for your hubby's OT, wow. 6 10s is a lot. Hopefully they are compensating him nicely and hopefully it won't last too long. Those are insane hours.