Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Family Fun Weekend

 We went to the indoor water park we have in town on Sunday. Spent 3 hours there, the kids didn't wanna leave. If you have kids you know how that goes. 
                                        Sam and his best buds.
Jarrod,Jason,Sam, Logan
Jacob, Jarrod, Sam
Just a view
Micah's Car
Don't ask me where the heck they come up with the names for their cars, they just do. The more unusual name the better.  When you buy a pinewood derby car  kit, It comes with a block of wood and everything you need to build your car, except the weights and paint,  they put the weights on, on race day when you register your car. The kids design their own cars. Draw on them and the men cut them out. My husband cut a lot of the cars. 
Sam & Micah's cars didn't race too well. They weren't quite fast enough. Each car weighs the same, weights are on the bottom.
Micah was in tears as his car was losing at each race. 
                                    Sam's Car
                                 Some  other cars
Sam's car won  first place for  "Best of Show" for his category.

                            Some of the other cars.

The race begins.
Charlie got in on the race too.

Micah, Zac, Antonio, Alex
Well that's it, It was a busy weekend, back to normal, whatever that is. : )
I received my Whipper Snapper Stamps on Monday. I'll be back soon with a card!
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Sparkle said...

Oh, boys, lol. I love the Orange Crush! Glad they had a fabulous time playing!

Kathi C. said...

What a fun post! The waterpark looks like a great time, and the Pinewood Derby cars - Wow!! The boys did a great job. Can't wait to do those things again in a couple of years.

Jeanne said...

Oh wow! That indoor waterpark looks like an absolute blast! You are VERY lucky! I can just bet the boys didn't want to leave.

Sorry the boys' cars didn't win a race, but congrats to Sam for getting best of show. That's awesome. (looks like he's wearing a splint, did he mess up his wrist?)

This pinewood derby is a scouting event, right? They didn't have to wear uniforms? My girls have to wear their Brownie/Daisy vests for each and every scout thing they go to/participate in. I just thought that was interesting that the boys weren't wearing something "scout-like." LOL

Laurel said...

Wow, looks like a lot of fun!

Julie said...

Oh the Pinewood Derby. Remember them, each year for 4-5 years. I remember Jim bribed Mike one year with a trip to the Mall of America so he wouldn't have to go and help build the car. Mike never won either but did come in a close 3rd once. The boys had such a great time. This weekend mine is going to a water park with his O.A. scouts, they never grow out of playing in the water.
Take care and thanks for sharing. God Bless!!!