Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's Your Day!

Products Used~ CTMH.... Flower Pot Stamp Set, CS, Ribbon, Ink Sunny Yellow, Black~ My Minds Eye DP, Where The Heart Is, Liquid Glass, Misc. flower, brad, bitty buttons,  Paper Pieced Flower Pots, Nesties, Copics

  A  friend of mine is having a birthday. I thought I  would make her a card. I love this stamp set from CTMH... It's April's "Stamp of the Month"~Flower Pot. Cute!! 
We're enjoying spring break. yesterday I took the kids bowling and to the park. I am not a bowler. I have to say, It must all depend on the bowling ball.  I changed it out  at the end of our second game and I bowled much better, but I'll  still take Wii bowling anyday! :)  
Well I know this is a short post.  Charlie's home. Thanks for stoppin by. Have a great evening!
Love the ones your with! : )

Good night friends!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Listen Honey....

Products Used~ CTMH CS, My Minds Eye~ DP,Where the Heart is} Stamp Image, American Art Stamp
Misc~ flower, brad, twine, Liquid Glass,, Copics

I was playing around the other day and made this card. I was in the mood to use the color orange, so  starting with the image and then  the flower. This is what i came up with.   I never get tired of these  images. I love the sentiment... right now it's about how i feel.... I love anything chocolate.... esp. chocolate chip cookies from Mc D's. kwim : )
Thank you for all your sweet comment on my previous post. It's so fun having a baby in the family again.  All is well, If Christyl is doing alright  she and Ian will be going home tomorrow.  My boys just love him to pieces.. Micah has really taken to his new nephew. Meghan & Cailyn adore him. they  call him their baby and wanted to give  Ian fishy crackers. LOL... Oh my

My kids are on Spring Break till Tuesday the 6th. The weather is suppose to warm up by mid  week, so I'm hoping to get our bikes out and go for a  ride. They also want to go bowling, and to  Chuck E Cheese for a few hours,  only an hours drive from here.
Anyway, We are off to  Menards {like Home Depot} We're pricing some things for some summer projects around the house. We still have a little bit of siding that has to be done yet. Sigh.

Well friends! You all have a great day! Thanks again  for stopping by!

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Z Family Is Complete!

Family of Five
Grandson~Ian Jerome Z. Born  March 26, 2010 
Weighing in at~8lbs 9oz {shocker, the girls were both 7 something}
 21.5" long
9:02 am

He was so  hungry right before i changed him.

Mark calls me  at 9:40  and says "Ian is here" but he thought Ian wanted to go back in. Oh, he was screaming. I could hear him in the background. : )

Mommy & Son

 Precious baby Ian.... Big yawn

Marks mom wanted a pic of Christyl & I with Ian

 I had my grandaughters this morning at 6 am, then at noon  we went up to the hospital.  Ian nursed for a good half hour.  After i picked up my boys from school we all went back up to the hospital so Sam & Micah could see hold their new nephew.  { oops no camera} Christyl said Ian was awake for 2 hours after he ate, eyes open. and very quiet. What a precious gift!

 God Is Good!! We are Blessed and Very Thankful!!

Every good and perfect gift is from above...
James 1;17a

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pretty Pincesses

 My grandaughters love to play  dress up. Aren't they adorable!  I would think it would be awful hard to walk in a shoes that your toes are hanging over the top.... hahaha.... they don't care. : )  Christyl had told me that for Meghan's 4th birthday Party this June, they'll have a princess birthday. All the birthday guests [little girls} will have to wear their princess dress to the party. How cute!
No baby yet..... Tomorrow morning at 8:30 CT is the big day. Can't wait to meet   hold the little bean. I'll post pics of baby Ian when i can.{but not before the parents do} Till then, here's his two big sisters.

Thanks for stoppin by, have a great day my friends!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

It's what's on the inside?....

Products Used~  CTMH CS, Sizzix Embossing  Folder... Hello Friend}, Cuttle Bug,  Red Rhinestones

This card was inspired  from our friend  Kathi from  Kathi's Corner. She makes/made a gorgeous card using this Sizzix Embossing  Folder. I love this folder so I  had to try it. : ) Thanks Kathi!! 
No title on the  front,  I thought I would put the sentiment on the inside saying something like...I dunno.... hehehe, Have you ever bought a card that had no words on the front? I'm sure most of us  have.
Sorry i missed your blogs the last few days. Been busy here. I've had my Gbabies that last few days.

Anyhoo, we  can't wait  for my daughter to have baby Ian on Friday. Last Friday she was 9 months along, I had the girls, so I  snapped a few pics of Christyl. {Mark will probably get some pics of her in the hospital} I also had the girls  Saturday morning for a few hours and took some really cute pics of them in their princess dress up clothes, all the way down to the shoes.  They're really cute, I'll post later.

 I bought a new banner for my blog.{Ty is staying} Jeanne was  is so sweet  to help me with the layering process and some other things in PS. I didn't understand.  Thanks Jeanne!!  I got the hang of it now, but I'm not too crazy about the banner i bought  anymore. It was only  $2.50. {isn't that just like a women to change her mind} hahahaha... my husband would say... Oh yeah!
Well,  I need to  get movin,  things to do. Have a great evening, Thanks for stoppin by!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sock Bunnies

I was at my daughter's house yesterday and she showed me  these cute little  bunnies she made  with her daughters.  Meghan 3.5  Cailyn 2 yo. Aren't they adorable!! She filled them with popcorn seeds. Speaking of my daughter,  Christyl & Mark  are scheduled to have their baby boy {Ian} next Friday morning the 26th, unless he decides to come early. Can't wait!!! I have the girls that morning so i probably won't  get up to the hospital till possibly that afternoon. {we'll see}.... Stay tuned. : )

Back to the  bunnies...The first person i thought about sharing these with, was my Our cyber friend Jeanne from Creative Bliss. She knits and is very crafty and creative with everything she puts her heart and hands to! 
Here is the link  for the  Sock Bunnies  if anyone is interested.
Love the big fluffy tail.
Although the calender says the first day of Spring  is Saturday March 20th. The temps here may not always agree. Yes, It's going to be in the 50's this week, but in 20's next week...Maybe even  some snow.... geesh. I'm ready to rake the yard,  as soon as the lawn dries out. : )
 Anywoo, have a wonderful day! Thanks for your sweet comments on my previous posts! It means alot!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Flowers for you... #2

Products Used~ Whipper Snapper Stamp {Flowers for you duck} CTMH CS, Textured CS,  Perfect Day DP, Liquid Glass, Nestables, Misc. flower, brad, rub-ons, Copic Markers.
 Duck is back....  LOL....  As far as the title? Have you ever had to tell someone you were sorry for something you did or said?  You don't have to answer that. I think we all have. :)  I should just hand this card to my husband when i put my foot in my mouth. Mainly at  that.... TOTM.... kwim.
Anyhoo not a whole lot going on. Sam is having a friend over. They want to practice there band.
Going out for pizza tonight.

Thank You for all your sweet comments!!

Let the drumming begin.....

Last night we picked up the  drumset at my friends house. Here is a shot of Sam when  he  came downstairs. So excited!!  It worked out perfect that she was selling them, even at a bargin price. She said she bought them for her daughter who was 10 yo at the time. 2005} She hasn't played them in 3 years.


Sam waited patiently all week to go and see the drumset >>>>NOT<<<< he bugged me everyday of the week to change it to an earlier date.

 Beads/shorts in March?? His school had crazy dress week,  yesterday was "Imagine it's 80 Outside" No swimsuites allowed.

We set up the drumset at home last night. He's so looking forward to taking lessons.
Should i just  warn the neighbors, or just pass out earplugs? It won't be quite here anymore. We'll have to set up certin playtimes.  He's growing up so fast.  He's 10 but seems like he's going on 15.
Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

My friend Laurel from Laurel's Place  gave me this "Beautiful Blogger Award" How sweet!!  Thank You Laurel!!
If you haven't stopped by her blog, then you're missing out. She does AMAZING work {paper crafter} Her cards and scrapbook pages have been published in craft magazines.   I hope to meet Laurel in person one day!  : )

Now I want to pass this Award off to...   Sarah  Erica  Lisa  Jeanne  Alanna  Jena
They all do Amazing work as well, check out their blogs.  Make them Smile, leave a comment!

Now some facts about me.....

1) I'm a Christian and not ashamed to admit it. God has done Amazing things in my life!

2)  I love my  morning quiet time with coffee.

3)  My morning showers are the BEST!

4)  I have 3 children of my own. A daughter Christyl  34, son Samuel 10...  I had my last son  Micah {8} at the age of ----?--->  He was  Not an Oops.  : )

5)  I enjoy cooking when my meals are planned out ahead of time.

6)  I love the color pink, but i don't wear it. Why? I dunno.

7)  I'm going on a Missions Trip to Baja Mexico with the Newsboys in July.

8)  There are days I want to Scream!

9)  I was diagnosed 1.5 years ago  with severe acid reflux. I take over the counter pills to control it.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Flowers for you....

Products Used~ Whipper Snapper Stamp {Flowers for you duck} CTMH  CS Textured CS, Liquid Glass,  Sponge Dabbed Sunny Yellow Ink,   Misc. flower,brad, rub-on, Copic Markers.

What a sweet image!! I just love these stamp designs by WS. I loved the card that my friend Kathi made a few day ago on Kathi's Corner. She makes the cutest/prettist cards!!
Not a whole lot going on. Charlie's on Mega OT.  We are so thankful he has a job to go to.  Come April he'll be on 6 ~ 10's. Geesh.  Ok I'm done venting.
My son Sam is interested in becoming a drummer. {earplugs anyone, and warn the neighbors}  The last few weeks at church he has really taken an interest in the drummer  durning the  worship service. He just watches him play.   It just so happens my friend is selling her daughter's drumset for a bargin price. We are going to look at the set tomorrow.  We also found out that  one of the music stores in town is going to start giving drum lessons the end of March. $14.00 per half hour. Another music store in town is $17 per half hour. Sam is pumped and wants to take the lessons.
Sam will be in 5th grade come fall, he wants to play the drums in the school  band. Oh, and did i mention Micah wants to play the  bass guitar. : )  
Charlie has bought the boys ukulele's a few years ago, they have no interest in that anymore. Charlie loves the to play it, and thought the boys would follow suite. For a while they did.
 Anyhoo,  i better get dinner on the table. Thanks for stopping by!! Have a great evening!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Family Fun Weekend

 We went to the indoor water park we have in town on Sunday. Spent 3 hours there, the kids didn't wanna leave. If you have kids you know how that goes. 
                                        Sam and his best buds.
Jarrod,Jason,Sam, Logan
Jacob, Jarrod, Sam
Just a view
Micah's Car
Don't ask me where the heck they come up with the names for their cars, they just do. The more unusual name the better.  When you buy a pinewood derby car  kit, It comes with a block of wood and everything you need to build your car, except the weights and paint,  they put the weights on, on race day when you register your car. The kids design their own cars. Draw on them and the men cut them out. My husband cut a lot of the cars. 
Sam & Micah's cars didn't race too well. They weren't quite fast enough. Each car weighs the same, weights are on the bottom.
Micah was in tears as his car was losing at each race. 
                                    Sam's Car
                                 Some  other cars
Sam's car won  first place for  "Best of Show" for his category.

                            Some of the other cars.

The race begins.
Charlie got in on the race too.

Micah, Zac, Antonio, Alex
Well that's it, It was a busy weekend, back to normal, whatever that is. : )
I received my Whipper Snapper Stamps on Monday. I'll be back soon with a card!
Thanks for stopping by!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hula Hoop

Products Used~CTMH  Stamps...Leave Your Mark,{bubble}& TLC, CS,  DP Key To My Heart, {DogGone Stamps Hula Girl} Paper Pieced Shirt, Pigment Black Ink, Nesties, Sewing Machine, Copic Markers.

Did you have a hula hoop when you were a kid? I'm not sure if i did. I know my daughter did. Oh man, what a walk down memory lane. I should have  done a little research to see what year they came out. They still sell em. How fun!! I can't wait to see my grand daughters using one. : )  
I've had this  Hula stamp image and nestable die cuts for well over a year. Why i haven't used  either of them? I dunno.  But i love the way the nesties turned out. I just find it takes more time to die cut the matts. But it does look nicer. I did add rhinestones to her piggy tails. {not shown}
We have the  kids Pinewood Derby Races this morning, so  I thought i would get this card posted. Charlie pre-registered their cars last night, they are ready to race this morning. May the fastest/coolest car win!! :)  As of last night there were 45 entries already. I'll post pics later. But a  busy weekend here. We have the water park tomorrow afternoon with  the kids school. They are excited to have all their friends together at the water park.
Well my friends have a wonderful weekend, thanks for stoppin by, and thank you for your sweet comments!

  Edited in....Hula Hoop Inventor  how fun!! They even had "Wham-O" Toy Factory back then.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Think Spring

Products Used~ Ducks in a row {Whipper Snapper} CTMH CS, Stamp Set~ Spring Time, Ribbon, Liquid Glass, Black Ink, Paper Pieced Ducks... Cuttle Bug Border Folder, Ripple Scissors, Sanding Block, Copic Markers

I'm so looking forward to Spring, getting outside walking, riding my bike! Planting flowers again. How fun!
I had this image finished and sitting on my craft table for a month or so. I was going to use this when i was getting "my ducks in a row" {sota speak} I finished this card  yesterday.
Before my husband left for work this morning he  told me to have a "Blessed Day" and not to spend  the day  on the same web page...FB. {not me?}  So,  he will be happy to hear I ordered some really cute stamps today.  : )   Thanks Hon!!
He called me this morning, so  i told him what i did, he laughed, thought it was funny!
I orderd from Whipper Snapper Designs, {cute images}  they are actually about 75 miles down the road from me, in Brookfield WI. I probably could have taken a road trip today to buy my stamps. That sounds like fun! Shipping is fast! :)
Not much else going on here. Just laundy, some cleaning and maybe playing with my stamps.  But my scraproom is a mess. Anyhoo...

I hope you're all having a  "Blessed Day"! Thanks for dropping by!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sweet Friends Award

Thank You Lisa!! What a sweet friend you are!! I enjoyed getting to know you over the last few years, first through CTMH BB and blogging, as you were redecorating and posting pics of your "Pink" Scraproom.  :)  Love it!!
You Rock women!!

The rules  for this  Award is to tell 10 Things that make me happy & than  pass this Sweet Award to 5 others.

 My God, My Husband, My Kids, My 2.5 Grandbabies, {Ian to be  born 3/26/10},  Our Church, Trusting Friends,  My Scraproom, My Laptop,  My dog, Our Home.

You Rock ladies, Thank you!!!