Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Shout

Ok friends, now that i have most of my ducks in a row. {I was accepted, received my birth certificate in the mail last week, apply for my pass port this week} now i can tell you my exciting news.
A different kind of Shout......
I'm going on a Missions Trip to Baja Mexico this July with the Newsboys.{ I love their music!!} I'm so excited. I  know in my heart and soul this is what God wants me to do. Below is  my  missions support letter {edited} i recently sent out to my local  friends & family. It explains the reason I felt called to go.
I'm not sure if some of you will be offended  as to my support letter being  posted here. If this does not interest you, that's fine. I'm not offended at all. But "Thank You" for taking the time to read it. Your prayers are always welcomed!!
Have a Blessed Day!

                                                                               Febuary 12, 2010
Dear Family and Friends,

I trust you are all doing well.
As you may well know, God moves us in unique ways. Last April, I lost a very dear friend to suicide. Even though I had not seen her in a few years, she had still left an impact on my life. Charlie and I had tickets to a Newsboys Concert, for May 3, 2009 we gave our tickets away as her funeral was that very same day. I could not imagine going to a concert that day. Her life meant more to me.

Just recently,{a few weeks ago} after watching a Newsboy’s Outreach Video, I felt called to apply for this Mission’s Trip through Global Expeditions, {as a tribute to my friends memory}
I didn’t meet the current age requirements, {13-30} however, when God calls, He also  opens doors. Miraculously, I was accepted. Without even saying a word about my friends death.
I will be serving as a missionary with an organization called Global Expeditions, a part of Teen Mania Ministries. We will be working alongside the “Newsboys” in building homes for the poor in Baja, Mexico. For more than 15 years, GE has taken thousands of teenagers to countries all over the world. Global Expeditions is a ministry totally dedicated to reaching others for Christ and equipping us to touch the world through Missions. I cannot think of a better way to spend my time than sharing the Gospel and seeing my life changed as well.
My team will be based out of the city of Baja. I will be leaving on July 17th, 2010 and returning home on July 24th. I will be busy helping to build homes and ministering through drama and street evangelism.
My total cost for this trip is approximately $716.00 plus my airfare, I cannot accomplish this task alone, so I am asking you to be part of this mission trip with me. During the next several months, I will be working to raise the finances to go. Please diligently support me in prayer, and if God places it upon your heart, would you support me financially. My first expense deadline is June 13th when half of my budget is due to my account.
If you would like to support me in this opportunity you can go to Teen Mania Ministries....Global Expeditions website (, clicking on the Donate tab and entering my ID# 2597xxxx.

If you have any questions,  please e mail me at
You can also reach Global Expeditions at their Missions Supporter Hotline at (866) 5.GLOBEX

Thank you, God Bless You!

Carolyn “Kari” Christie


Jeanne said...

Wow! What an amazing thing you are doing! You are one amazing woman and I know you will work wonders there. I will definitely think good thoughts that you are able to raise the funds needed to get you there. WOW!

Sparkle said...

Such a wonderful opportunity! I'm very excited for you!

Sarah said...

What a wonderful opportunity!!! You rock !

Alanna said...

This is so neat Kari. I've been wondering about what your possible shout could be. What a great opportunity. I'm sure you're going to raise the funds without any problems at all.

Alanna said...

Ok, I just went to the site and made a small donation. Congrats again.

Laurel said...

wow, you are wonderful! Good luck with everything!

Lisa said...

I will be praying for you my friend! Great News!

Kathi C. said...

Where have I been? Why did I miss this post? Kari, this is wonderful! I am so excited for you and will be praying for you, my selfless friend. It's a beautiful tribute to your friend.