Monday, December 7, 2009

It's still fall....

But there's 3 to 5?? inches of snow on it's way. Yikes, these shots were taken yesterday. We took about 100 pics. deleted a bunch. I love digital! Love the back drop too!
This background would have been much prettier with the fall colors in full bloom, I think this will be our new fall location next year. {the Quarry}
I'm planning on using some of these shots for our Christmas cards.
Today would have been a much better picture day. It's snowing!
Please enjoy! :) I'm happy with the way they turned out.
Thanks Christyl!!

Sam & Micah

What's sooo funny? hehehehe

One shot with Toby

I like this one.

Just us four



My kids. :)

My daughter & I. She's 5 months pregnant. :)

A race to the park

I'm hoping to play today. Have a wonderful day, again... thanks for stoppin by!!


Alanna said...

What great pictures. They all turned out so nice. The weather looks terrific. We got dumped on this weekend with about 8 inches of snow.

Kathi Carlson said...

These are beautiful photos, Kari! It looks like you had one last, nice fall weekend. It's below zero here with snow on the ground. Winter has arrived ...

Have a great week!

Laurel said...

Gorgeous pictures!

Sparkle said...

These are gorgeous! I'm dreading the snow too...I don't want it, lol. As long as I can drive home for Christmas I'm hopefully it'll hold out for me. :) I think your family pic will make a lovely Christmas card!

Sarah said...

These are wonderful pics!!!
Our snow is heading in tonight 7-12 inches over the next day and a half with blizzard conditions...ewwww.

Nichole said...

Great pictures. I love the ones of you and Charlie! So cute!
Aren't you hoping for a snow day? I've missed running into you at school. How about a coffee date sometime soon? Call me!

Jena said...

What great pictures - love each and every one - aren't digital cameras just awesome! Take care, my friend!

Julie said...

Your family is beautiful. I love your pictures. Digital is the only way to go. Thank you for sharing. I just posted all my family pictures so if you have a moment in time, stop by and meet us.
I hope you and yours had a very Merry Christmas and now a blessed New Year!!!