Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Embossed Christmas Cards

Products Used~ Trees Stamp HL, CTMH CS, Holiday Trinkets, Christmas Melodies Stamps, White & Gold Detailed Embossing Powder, Rhinestones.
CTMH CS, Bethlehem SS, Cuttlebug Snowflakes Folder, Outdoor Denim Ink

I'm about ready to start putting colored CS or Pretty Papers in my light box. I can never get my background to look bright white.
Sarah mentioned using a "Daylight Bulb" All I could find at the store/Home Depot were "GE Reveal bulbs". I even reset the brightness in my camera. It's frustrating, Oh well, you can click on image to enlarge it.
Sounds like it could be a snow day tomorrow. We're fixin to get a foot of snow by tonight and all day tomorrow.... By the looks of the blogs i mostly visit they're all talkin snow.
Tis' the Season
Well I've neglected my house chores again. When Charlie gets home he always asks me what i did today, I just show him my cards and scrapbook pages. Heck, he's got clean clothes.... hahahaha.... too funny.... He loves what i do. Thanks Hon!!
Have a great week and keep warm! Thanks for your sweet comments, and stoppin by!!


Sparkle said...

Very pretty!

Try sticking a piece of blue paper in front of your camera. The white light shows on cooler images with my camera.

Kathi Carlson said...

Beautiful cards, Kari!

I've been frustrated with my photos lately, too. It's dark in the morning. Dark when I get home. I'm gonna need one of those feel-good light boxes to make me feel better pretty soon! LOL.

Sounds like you have a sweet hubby - the best kind!! Take care, friend.

Sarah said...

Beautiful cards Kari, sorry you couldn't find the daylight bulbs.
We are in the thick of it here...a TON of snow.

Jeanne said...

Whew...made it to your blog. I tried the other day and my computer locked up and then wouldn't work. I was computer-less for the day. :( Turns out there was some sort of loose connection inside it.

Your cards are so pretty! I love the two different kinds of embossing.

It may seem like a silly question because I don't know your set-up, but do you have your light source close to the box? When I used my photo box, I'd have the lights almost touching the box and I had two, one on either side of it. I'd have had a third on top, if I could have figured out a way to set one up with the lights I had. I've never heard of a daylight bulb.

Sometimes it's good to neglect your chores. Your hunny is sweet to be so understanding of your enjoyment for your hobby.

Stay safe and warm with the storm you are in the midst of!

Jena said...

Fun cards - I simply love embossing! TFS! Stay warm!

Laurel said...

These are so very pretty!