Monday, November 16, 2009


Nothing crafty today, just an update....Where does the time go? Short weekends for sure. For Charlie's sake I wished it was 3 day weekends again. He's back on 5, 10 hour days and possible Saturdays. Ugh. Many of you who follow my blog know, he has a 75 mile drive to work one way, for almost a year and a half. It's getting old. Rumor has it, the Power House job {here in town} could start up within the next year. {praying} That might be 2- 3 years of work. He is thinking of retiring in 3 years! That would be awesome!!
Our house is just about sided! Double YAY!! There are 2 small sections that need to be done yet. A guy that just sided our neighbors house is going to finish the sections on our house this week. I'll post pics when it's finished.

More news, My daughter Christyl is having her ultrasound on Wednesday to find out the sex of the baby. I'll be going along. :) So far the due date is April 1st? Her Dr thinks it might be a little sooner.
Christyl has been stuck on the name Ian for a boys name, forever! She told us recently that Ian means... God is Gracious. :) How precious is that. They are hoping for a boy this time. But if it's another girl, they have a ton of girls clothes.
The last 2 days i have had such a sore throat. My family has been sick twice and i didn't get it. I had my granddaughters last Thursday & part of Friday, Meghan & Cailyn both have colds.
Anyhoo, I need to clean up and price some stamp sets. Thank you for your input. I'm going to drop the price a few bucks on the new stamp sets. and more so on retired & used. I'll let you know how i do. Our Black Friday Sale is November 27th.

Happy Monday! Thanks for stoppin by!


Sparkle said...

I hope you feel better soon! How exciting for your daughter and the due date is close to my birthday, lol. Can't wait to see pics of the house!

Jeanne said...

You've shared some exciting tidbits of your life and I thank you for that. How wonderful for your daughter (I love that boy's name). I hope the job works out, commuting is tough.

Most of all, I do hope you feel better and soon! *Ü*