Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's a Boy!

Yep, Mark & Christyl are just thrilled. I think Mark was in shock at first. The Zielinski name will carry on.
I took a few pics yesterday but I had my camera set on the wrong setting. Photo is kinda grainy.
I seen this cool layout in a scrap book magazine. The gal had pics taken of her for every month of her pregnancy, and held up fingers for each month. What a neat idea. She used the same shirt and background for each month.

Christyl 4.5 months.

Grandparents have bragging rights too. Here is our 1st grandson...
Ian Jerome..... Jerome after Mark's dad. Ian is 1 pound and about 9" short. Can't wait to hold him! Due date April 2nd. She'll have him end of March.
It was awesome to see the ultrasound in 3D. Marks mom was their too. She had never seen one.
It's been a busy week. I am hoping to craft something today. I'm having withdraws. :)
Anyway, thanks for stoppin by! Have a wonderful day!

God is gracious!!


Jeanne said...

Congratulations to everyone! How very exciting! It's amazing what technology can do...3-D ultrasounds. Wowzers!

May the rest of her pregnancy go smoothly!

Kathi Carlson said...

Oh, Kari. How awesome! Congratulations to all! The way time flies you'll be holding little Jerome before you know it. Hugs to you and your family!

Andrea said...

SO COOL!!!!!!!
God is good!!!

Sparkle said...

Congrats! I like the name too! Maybe he'll be late and be born on my bday, lol.

Jena said...

Ah, so precious - congrats to you all!