Sunday, November 1, 2009

10 Peas

Products Used~ CTMH Textured Base CS, Key to my Heart DP, Ric Rac, Rub Ons, LG Glitter Numbers, Sticker letters, SU Border Scallop Punch, Fiskars Border Punch, Paper Punch, Ribbon.

This page was inspired from November Page Maps, I tweaked the sketch a bit.
Well you know how kids are when you try to get them to eat there veggies. When my daughter told Meghan she only had to eat 10 peas off her plate she kept popping them into her mouth {after she wanted nothing to do with them} And of course Cailyn thought it was so funny she grabbed her crackers in both hands and laughed. hahaha, They are soooo cute!
I very much enjoyed my little quiet weekend. Oh it was great!! I scraped, cleaned, shopped and watched.... Imagine That with Eddie Murphy, cute movie. My family will be home some time today. Packer game is on at 3:15 CT. You know where I'll be.... Brett.... Who?? will be playing on Lambeau Field today. He is now a Minnesota Viking. {no comment} Packers need this win today!!!! Can you believe it's November 1st already? How was your extra hour of sleep? My inner alarm woke me up at my normal time, 5am. I didn't turn the clocks back till after i got up this morning.
Well that be it for me. I'm gonna clean up my Korner. Thanks for stoppin by and your sweet comments!
"Go Packers GO!!"
Packers lost. :( I know it's only a game, but Brett was a Packers for 16 years, and is now playing for the "Other" side. MHO I think his leaving {retiring??} had something to do with the New Manager the Packers got in 2007... Ted Thompson. They are not saying... But only saying.... "There is his side of the story, Brett's side, And then the Truth"... Hopefully the Real Truth will come out.
Nuf said!


Kathi Carlson said...

Cute layout, Kari! Those little ones are so sweet. Peas are "power pellets" at my house - a great incentive to eat them with the exception of old Marv who wouldn't touch a pea with a 10-foot pole. LOL.

Happy to hear you've enjoyed your quiet weekend. I guess we're football rivals today. If your team wins, however, I won't care. I'll just need to have some tissues on hand for all the crying men around here. LOL.


Sparkle said...

The girls are just darling as is your layout! Glad you had a fun weekend and time to yourself to play!

Jeanne said...

I had the game on as background noise since the Broncos lost. :( I was organizing photos on my computer :) so I have to admit to not paying attention to who won. :( I did hear the boos however. LOL

Your layout is adorable! Would you believe my girls love peas? Seriously. It's ME who wouldn't touch them with a 10 foot pole (unless they are in a stew, then they get mixed in with the other veggies and are palatable)! Go figure, my Jess also loves brussel sprouts (which I enjoy as well). LOL

Glad you were able to truly enjoy your weekend!

Laurel said...


Jena said...

What a cute, funny page - love it!

Oh and ugh, yeah, I did watch ;-P Oh and I have a pic to show you of what I ended up doing with my Favre jersey ;-)

Lisa said...

thats adorable kari!