Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Thank you so much for your good thoughts and well wishes! Sam is doing much better this morning. Last night was rough. He was up off & on till 1:30am still sick. He snuck some water durning the night and that made him sick again. He has been asking for grapes. He has no temp. Seems like it's just the 24 hour bug that's been going around. Both boys slept on the couch last night.
This morning Sam has had 2 small cups of water and 1/2 cup of {Canada Dry Ginger Ale soda}. Charlie swears buy it. We didn't have any in the house Sunday when he was sick, all we had was sprite so he added his own Ginger Spice to his glass of sprite. Charlie is back to work today says he feels much better. Micah is home sick too with a cough and cold. I'm good, I need to be. I need to take care of everyone else. :)

Ok I had to throw in just one more to the mix. I was watching my granddaughters yesterday morning and i couldn't resist getting this pose of these two couch potatoes. hahahaha, Idaho has a nose now & sweet potato has sandals.
Ok I'm done, Just LOL
Have a great day! You're the Best!!


Sparkle said...

These pics are just too cute. Glad the guys are slowly getting better.

Jena said...

Love your couch potatoes! Hope everyone is healthy soon! BTW, did you enjoy the game last night - I sure didn't ;-P

Alanna said...

I love this picture. Cute, cute, cute.