Friday, October 30, 2009

Toby's 1st Birthday

Products Used~ CTMH CS, Random Stamped Background Desert Sand Ink, Stamps From Hobby Lobby, Misc. DP, Glitter Letters & Other?, Dog Stickers, Twine, Bone Sticker, Pullout Journal Inside.
Just in case you're wondering, I'm only doing this once. Toby's 1st Birthday page. Unless, he has a Real BD Party with all his 4 legged friends. hehehehe, Then I'll post pics and scrap the event.
Today Toby passed his 1st 8 week course of "Beginners" dog training. Just the basic things he learned, sit, stay, down, {come, is "Front" He sits right in front of me when called} take it, leave it, drop it.
We are still working on... drop it, loose leash walking. He wants to lead, and pull, and also jumps up on guests, He Loves people and only wants to please. Good Boy Toby! Ok enough of that.
Charlie's going Up North this weekend with a guy friend and our boys. They're getting the cabin & sight ready for deer hunting. Charlie shoots with a bow, hasn't gotten a deer in years, hasn't hunted in 2 years. He is such a woods man though. He'd live in the woods if he could.
I'm hoping do some cleaning and play this weekend. Fun huh?
Well, hope you all have a wonderful weekend... Oh and don't forget to "Fall Back" tomorrow night, it's that time again.
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Kathi Carlson said...

Cute layout! Toby is such a sweet-looking dog.

Enjoy your quiet weekend. I think I've got three deer hunting weekends to look forward to. Might even get a little old by the time they're done. LOL. Take care, friend!

Jeanne said...

Sweet, sweet layout!

Enjoy your weekend! Do more playing than cleaning if you can. *Ü*

Laurel said...


Sparkle said...

Such a cute layout. Toby is just adorable. Have a fun weekend to yourself!