Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall Day & A Birthday

I did get to Evergreen Park and the lake on Sunday and took a few pics of the boys. I don't think they turned out as well as last year, but at least i have them. I cropped this shot, as i took it from the road. That's probably why it so dark.

Sam in another tree. Why do boys have to be in a tree?

At the Lake
They so wanted to get their shoes wet.

Ahhh the park! Just what they've been waitng for. :)

Tomorrow is Micah's BD. We are celebrating tonight with family and a few friends. I pulled a few pics i had on file, {some you may have seen before} I about cried just thinking about how much they have grown.{i miss my babies} Gosh, Micah is eight and no longer needs a booster seat riding in the van. He's thrilled about that. This is a busy time for birthday's. 5 from now till December. Micah, Jesse, Christyl, Sam & Charlie. Yikes

Happy Birthday Micah!
2 years old, October 21, 2003

8 months old

6.5 years old, Sept. 2008 One unforgetable milestone. Done!
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Have a Super Tuesday!!


Kathi Carlson said...

Great photos, Kari! Those are two very handsome boys. Happy Birthday, Micah!!

Sparkle said...

Such lovely pictures! I love their sweatshirts!

Jeanne said...

Wonderful photos and Happy Birthday to Micah...he is one year older than my Jessica, who is celebrating her 7th birthday today. *Ü* (and also sniff, sniff because my baby isn't a baby anymore...LOL)

Jena said...

Well, I'm a day late, but Happy Birthday, Micah! Love the pics you took of the boys - especially love those sweaters ;-) Hope you all had a great day!