Sunday, October 4, 2009

Couch Potatoes

Ok just for fun.... But here's the scoop, I had this silly idea the other day to get some potatoes "Idaho & Sweet Potato" dress them up and put them on a little couch {Dora} hehehe, I knew my granddaughters had one because we bought them one for Christmas last year.
I'm not really a couch potato. {But you will find me in front of my laptop} My hubby is.... oops... I watch very little TV. Some News a few shows and movies with the boys.
Anyway, I have my You Go Girl blog and i was thinking of posting one of these pics as a fun reminder for me to "Get Movin" Just trying to keep myself & others motivated to "Get Off The Couch" I am not trying to be pushy at all. Some days I don't wanna do nothing.
Here's where you can help. Do i need to crop more of the couch out? I'm only going to post one photo on my blog. I've narrowed it down to 4. I had taken about 20 shots. Would you help me choose one of the 4. You are welcome to lift any of these photos if you want. I will remove the number if you want me too.
As I was taking the pictures my daughter through in the puppy. Too funny. I about died laughing. :)

Ok, now pick your favorite. Thanks for stoppin by!


Alanna said...

Too cute Kari. My vote would be for #1 but I'm not sure about cropping the couch or not. I think it would be fun to have more of a close-up of the potato heads but then the term is couch potato. I guess I'm no help.

Leslie said...

I was going to say too cute, but Alanna beat me to it. I like #4 with the puppy looking at the couch potatos

Jeanne said...

Oh Kari, you are a hoot! What a funny idea! LOL I like the first one because of the tilt toward the guy, kind of an awwww moment. They may be couch potatoes, but they are in it together! ha, ha!


Laurel said...

Too funny!

Kathi Carlson said...

Too cute, Kari! I'm favoring #4 with the puppy looking at the couch potatoes. What a fun post!