Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blue Eyed Girls

Every Grammy loves to show off their Grandbabies. Here are my two, Meghan & Cailyn. Next to my own...They are my delight!! What a joy!! I had them all day yesterday so their mommy {my daughter} could have a "Me Day" My son in-law Mark is a school teacher and he had to go out of state for meetings for 4 days.
I can't wait to get these photos printed and scrap them. They both have the most beautiful blue eyes. That would be a good title for the layout.... Beautiful or Beautiful Eyes.?? Meghan's shirt says... "Everyone loves a blue eyed girl" hmmm that sounds good too.
When i went to pick up the girls yesterday morning. The first thing Meghan says when i walked in the door was... "Grammy you left the potatoes at home" LOL. Well, the last two times i went over their i brought two potatoes for the couch potato pics i took. Scroll down a few posts. How cute is she, and to remember that.

Well my boys are calling. They want me to watch a movie with them before dinner.
Have a great evening. Thanks for stoppin by!!


Kathi Carlson said...

Gorgeous! And while I don't know about you, I'd melt if those blue eyes were lookin' at me and wantin' somethin'. LOL. Beautiful little girls, Kari! TFS.

Laurel said...

They are gorgeous!

Jeanne said...

Oh my! Such beauty in little packages. Thanks for sharing!

Sandra T. said...

They are darling!!!