Monday, October 5, 2009

Autumn Greetings

Products Used~ CTMH Abundance Papers, Ribbon, Brad, Stamps~Whipper Snapper, Tag Punch, SU Corner Punch, Ink~ Black, Garden Green, Copic Markers

I should have made some get well cards.... The flu is going around. Last Thursday Micah came home from school sick. I kept him home Friday only to find out his teacher and another classmate had it as well. Charlie was home sick yesterday and today. I picked up the boys from school today and Sam comes down the stairs looking as pale as a sheet. I said...." Sam, you don't look good very good" Well I will spare you the details. Lets just say he's home with the flu as well. 3 down.... Will I be next?? I hope not.
Anyhoo, Thanks for your comments on the couch potato post!!... I like # 1 & 3.
I need to go, my family is calling me. Have a great evening! If you think of us say a little prayer. Sam says he feels like he's going to die. Oh my... his stomach hurts I'm sure.
Thanks for stoppin by friends!!


Sparkle said...

Such a great fall card! People are getting sick left and right at work too. I'm trying not to get sick. Your couch potato pics are just darling!

Kathi Carlson said...

Gorgeous card, Kari! Love the mailbox image. You poor dear, tending to the sick. I hope you don't get it, too, and if you do that they take care of you! There's a lot of "stuff" going around. I never got what my kids had. I catch everything the grandchildren get, however. Don't know what that's all about ...

Alanna said...

What a fun card. I love that image. I'm so sorry to hear that all the men in your family are sick. I hope it will stay away from you.

Jeanne said...

Oh goodness! I'm so sorry your family has been stricken with the flu and I truly hope you don't get it.

Your card is delightful! I'm glad you were able to create something despite the illies running rampant through your home.

Hang in there and I'll think happy thoughts for you all!