Friday, October 30, 2009

Toby's 1st Birthday

Products Used~ CTMH CS, Random Stamped Background Desert Sand Ink, Stamps From Hobby Lobby, Misc. DP, Glitter Letters & Other?, Dog Stickers, Twine, Bone Sticker, Pullout Journal Inside.
Just in case you're wondering, I'm only doing this once. Toby's 1st Birthday page. Unless, he has a Real BD Party with all his 4 legged friends. hehehehe, Then I'll post pics and scrap the event.
Today Toby passed his 1st 8 week course of "Beginners" dog training. Just the basic things he learned, sit, stay, down, {come, is "Front" He sits right in front of me when called} take it, leave it, drop it.
We are still working on... drop it, loose leash walking. He wants to lead, and pull, and also jumps up on guests, He Loves people and only wants to please. Good Boy Toby! Ok enough of that.
Charlie's going Up North this weekend with a guy friend and our boys. They're getting the cabin & sight ready for deer hunting. Charlie shoots with a bow, hasn't gotten a deer in years, hasn't hunted in 2 years. He is such a woods man though. He'd live in the woods if he could.
I'm hoping do some cleaning and play this weekend. Fun huh?
Well, hope you all have a wonderful weekend... Oh and don't forget to "Fall Back" tomorrow night, it's that time again.
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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Brother's Fall Layout

Gosh what am i gonna do when the snow flies. I've been taking all my pictures of cards and pages outside. I just can't seem to get the right lighting in the house or in the light box.
Products Used~CTMH TwitterPated Level 2 Paper Kit, Stamps~ Season of Color, Many Thanks, Inks~ Autumn Terracotta, Desert Sand, Rub Ons, SU Journal Tab Punch, Leaf Punch, Tag, Twine, Punched out acorns from paper kit and adhered to Metal Circle Tags. {Brother's}~ Ran pictures i had of trees & leafs using the Cricut} Shadow Sweet Leaf CS. Click on images to inlarge.
First page was inspired from CTMH "Imagine" Page 94
I almost think i need to put something, {title} on the upper left corner. What do you think? I wanted to use "Real Leafs" on this layout. I dried them flat in a paper towel and set a book on them. I then brushed on CTMH {Close to my Heart} Liquid Glass to seal it and give them a slight shine. {hope it works} time will tell i guess. : )
I really love this paper kit! I wasn't sure if it would work with the photos i had. But then i seen the trees. I'm happy with the way it turned out!

Well that's about it. Sam is home sick for the 2nd day. His cough he had for over a week turned into a full blown cold on Sunday night. He's must be feeling better this afternoon. There is a skip in his step, and it wasn't there this morning. LOL
Have a great day!! Thank you ALL for your visits, and your many kind words/comments. They make me SMILE!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Little Princess

Products Used~ CTMH CS, Papers Perfect Day, Rub-Ons, Eyelets, Ribbons, Leaves & Some CTMH Flowers, Retired DP Under Vellum~ SU Border Scallop Punch, EK Success Little Princess Bubble, Misc. Letters, Flowers, Buttons, Rhinestones, Twine.
I had fun putting this layout together. To know my little granddaughter Cailyn {20 months here} is a JOY! She is so fun, constantly on the GO. Unlike her older sister {Meghan 3~laid back} Cailyn throws fits when things don't go her way. I guess we all have one of those....hahahaha.... My daughter says she's all Mark. :)
Anyway, after we took our pool down in Sept. Cailyn got the biggest kick out of running through the dirt circle. I just kept snappin pics of her. All i said was... "Cailyn smell the flowers" She stopped, and off she went again.
All is well here, just a clean up day, raking and cleaning the garage... fun!
Micah had a great time at the BD party. The mom said they didn't get to sleep till after 1am. Oh joy, he's crabby today.

You all have a great weekend!! Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall Card & Birthday's

Products Used~ CTMH CS, Stamps, November Word Puzzle, Holiday Hoppla~ Tag, Deja View Leaf Vellum, Autumn Terracotta Ink w/ Clear Embossing Powder, Brown Twine, Desert Sand Ink.
I made this card over the weekend. I used my ATG 714 Scotch Adhesive Gun. Usually works well on vellum, But you can see it if you click on the card. Not that noticeable??
Micah's little BD party was fun! He got what he always wanted, nother "Nerf Gun" from Mark,Christyl & the girls. He's going to a BD Party sleep over Friday night. Guess what? It's a Nerf Party. Bring your own gun and they'll supply the ammo. I LOL when i read the invite. Micah is excited and can't wait. I know he's growing up when he goes for a sleepover {2nd one} and makes it the whole night without calling and wanting to come home.
Today is my Mother's BD. She would have been 78 today. She passed away 20 years ago this month. I Love & miss you Mom!!

Here are a few pics from his Birthday.

Rapid Fire Blaster, Holds 100 darts... Yikes

Thank you for the BD wishes!!

Thanks for stoppin by! Have a great day!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall Day & A Birthday

I did get to Evergreen Park and the lake on Sunday and took a few pics of the boys. I don't think they turned out as well as last year, but at least i have them. I cropped this shot, as i took it from the road. That's probably why it so dark.

Sam in another tree. Why do boys have to be in a tree?

At the Lake
They so wanted to get their shoes wet.

Ahhh the park! Just what they've been waitng for. :)

Tomorrow is Micah's BD. We are celebrating tonight with family and a few friends. I pulled a few pics i had on file, {some you may have seen before} I about cried just thinking about how much they have grown.{i miss my babies} Gosh, Micah is eight and no longer needs a booster seat riding in the van. He's thrilled about that. This is a busy time for birthday's. 5 from now till December. Micah, Jesse, Christyl, Sam & Charlie. Yikes

Happy Birthday Micah!
2 years old, October 21, 2003

8 months old

6.5 years old, Sept. 2008 One unforgetable milestone. Done!
Thanks for visiting & your sweet comments!
Have a Super Tuesday!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Products Used~ CTMH Textured Pink CS, Rub Ons, DE Framed In, Juniper Ink, Flower Rhinestones, Misc. Ricrac, Blue Rhinestones, My Minds Eye DP, Glitter Letters.
Just getting ready for church, thought i would get this posted before we left. This layout did go back to the "table" for some rework. I posted it on FB the other day and thought it was missing something? "Ricrac".... Anyway I'm happy with the way it turned out. My daughter wants me to remake it so she can frame it for her girls room. : )
Busy day today. I'm so glad to see Sunshine! :) It has been so gloomy here the last few days. I'm planning to take the boys for some outdoor pictures today. I'm hoping Evergreen Park is still open, there's a river with rocks & and a bridge. Beautiful fall background. Last year at this time there was a bike race going on. But that was last weekend. I'll post pictures later if i get them taken.
Have a blessed day in the Lord! Thanks for stopping by!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blue Eyed Girls

Every Grammy loves to show off their Grandbabies. Here are my two, Meghan & Cailyn. Next to my own...They are my delight!! What a joy!! I had them all day yesterday so their mommy {my daughter} could have a "Me Day" My son in-law Mark is a school teacher and he had to go out of state for meetings for 4 days.
I can't wait to get these photos printed and scrap them. They both have the most beautiful blue eyes. That would be a good title for the layout.... Beautiful or Beautiful Eyes.?? Meghan's shirt says... "Everyone loves a blue eyed girl" hmmm that sounds good too.
When i went to pick up the girls yesterday morning. The first thing Meghan says when i walked in the door was... "Grammy you left the potatoes at home" LOL. Well, the last two times i went over their i brought two potatoes for the couch potato pics i took. Scroll down a few posts. How cute is she, and to remember that.

Well my boys are calling. They want me to watch a movie with them before dinner.
Have a great evening. Thanks for stoppin by!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Christmas Card

Products Used~CTMH CS, Evensong Papers, Festive Frills & Winter Reflection Stamp Set, New England Ivy Ink, Pearls, Lots of Rhinestones {red, green, gold} Red Ribbon, Deco Scissors.

I know it's not too early for Christmas Cards. I've seen a few as I'm surfing cyber space. I had this stamp set Festive Frills, {say that 3 times} hahaha, for quite a while and it's never been inked till today. I'm not sure i like it posted, it's much prettier in person, it sparkles! I like to take pics of my cards & pages outside especially on a sunny day, at least till the snow flies.

Have ya brought out your winter jackets yet? Brrr... it was 28 degrees last night. For some of us it's getting cooler. I'm not complaining, I love this time of year. Not a whole lot going on, I'm making a big pot of chili today. Yummy... I have my granddaughters all day tomorrow for a play date with Grammy. Not sure what we'll do yet. They are 3 & 1.5 years old. Maybe the park.

Thanks for stoppin by. Have a Blessed Day!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Toby

Yep you guessed it, it's Toby's 1st Birthday today. LOL Well technically he's 7 in dog years. :)
I was going to throw him a dog party but my sister and shmily couldn't make it today. And the neighborhood dogs are too big.
This is the only blog birthday party I'm going to give him. So to celebrate, here are a few pics of our hairy family member. For those of you who don't follow my blog. We got Toby when he was just 6 weeks old. November 22, 2008. He's an American Cocker Spaniel.

Micah picked him out of the litter.

His 1st winter...Dashing through the snow

He really did sleep like this.

Doggy Cookies from Pet Supply...I didn't let him eat off the table.

One of my favorite pics.

That's it! I Hope you enjoyed seeing TobyMac.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fabulous Fall

Products Used~ CTMH CS & Fabulous Fall Stamp Set, {CM Border Stickers, "I'm using up my stash"} Blue Gel Pen, Oval Scallop Punch, Copic Markers. Card Measures 5.5 x 5.5
This card makes me think of my little granddaughters, they're 3 & 1.5 years old. They're both little blondie's.
I took the boys to get winter jackets today and when we were out and about Sam got really pale and wanted to go home. He had a small cup of milk before we left the house. Had yogurt before bed. He's still not feeling 100% better. He's not eating either. Micah is just getting over his cough & cold. I kept them home today. Probably shouldn't have taken them out, oh well.
I've got pork chops and scallop potatoes in the oven. hahaha now every time i hear the word "potato" I'll laugh.
Well i better get movin, Have a great evening. And thanks for your visits & sweet comments!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Thank you so much for your good thoughts and well wishes! Sam is doing much better this morning. Last night was rough. He was up off & on till 1:30am still sick. He snuck some water durning the night and that made him sick again. He has been asking for grapes. He has no temp. Seems like it's just the 24 hour bug that's been going around. Both boys slept on the couch last night.
This morning Sam has had 2 small cups of water and 1/2 cup of {Canada Dry Ginger Ale soda}. Charlie swears buy it. We didn't have any in the house Sunday when he was sick, all we had was sprite so he added his own Ginger Spice to his glass of sprite. Charlie is back to work today says he feels much better. Micah is home sick too with a cough and cold. I'm good, I need to be. I need to take care of everyone else. :)

Ok I had to throw in just one more to the mix. I was watching my granddaughters yesterday morning and i couldn't resist getting this pose of these two couch potatoes. hahahaha, Idaho has a nose now & sweet potato has sandals.
Ok I'm done, Just LOL
Have a great day! You're the Best!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Autumn Greetings

Products Used~ CTMH Abundance Papers, Ribbon, Brad, Stamps~Whipper Snapper, Tag Punch, SU Corner Punch, Ink~ Black, Garden Green, Copic Markers

I should have made some get well cards.... The flu is going around. Last Thursday Micah came home from school sick. I kept him home Friday only to find out his teacher and another classmate had it as well. Charlie was home sick yesterday and today. I picked up the boys from school today and Sam comes down the stairs looking as pale as a sheet. I said...." Sam, you don't look good very good" Well I will spare you the details. Lets just say he's home with the flu as well. 3 down.... Will I be next?? I hope not.
Anyhoo, Thanks for your comments on the couch potato post!!... I like # 1 & 3.
I need to go, my family is calling me. Have a great evening! If you think of us say a little prayer. Sam says he feels like he's going to die. Oh my... his stomach hurts I'm sure.
Thanks for stoppin by friends!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Couch Potatoes

Ok just for fun.... But here's the scoop, I had this silly idea the other day to get some potatoes "Idaho & Sweet Potato" dress them up and put them on a little couch {Dora} hehehe, I knew my granddaughters had one because we bought them one for Christmas last year.
I'm not really a couch potato. {But you will find me in front of my laptop} My hubby is.... oops... I watch very little TV. Some News a few shows and movies with the boys.
Anyway, I have my You Go Girl blog and i was thinking of posting one of these pics as a fun reminder for me to "Get Movin" Just trying to keep myself & others motivated to "Get Off The Couch" I am not trying to be pushy at all. Some days I don't wanna do nothing.
Here's where you can help. Do i need to crop more of the couch out? I'm only going to post one photo on my blog. I've narrowed it down to 4. I had taken about 20 shots. Would you help me choose one of the 4. You are welcome to lift any of these photos if you want. I will remove the number if you want me too.
As I was taking the pictures my daughter through in the puppy. Too funny. I about died laughing. :)

Ok, now pick your favorite. Thanks for stoppin by!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bird Call, Happiness is....

Products Used~ CTMH CS & Rub Ons, Cuttlebug Folder "Bird Call"
White Base, CTMH CS & Rub Ons, SU Border Scallop Punch.

I was just playing around yesterday and this morning, Seems like I've been getting some use out of the CTMH Rub Ons lately. I like em.
What a lazy cloudy, cool day. I ran a few errands this morning and also stopped my daughter & son in-laws house. My granddaughters have a little couch I needed to use for the project I'm working on. I'll post pictures later when i get them edited. hehehe Be sure to check back cuz I'd like to know what you think. : )
Anyhoo, Charlie & I are grooming the dog today. He's a mess, looks too shabby.

Have a great weekend friends! Thanks for stoppin by!