Saturday, September 26, 2009

Three Columns...

I have wanted to do this in like... Forever. It gives me more room to post pictures, and some of my favorite stuff. I've gotten instructions many times from different sites but they didn't seem clear enough for me to want to tackle it.. in fear of destroying my blog i kept putting it off. Well, my friend Jena {thanks Jena} sent me the link to change it to 3 columns. {awesome site}
If you're interested and want to tackle this, it's easier then i thought it would be. {deep breath} After you finish you will need to "Adjust your Margins" On the side bar on the right there are links for instructions to do that, depending on you layout/codes. I choose the "layout" link. It matched my codes.
Not a whole lot planned for today, off & on rain day.
Anywhoo Have a great weekend whatever you're doing! Thank you for your sweet comments!

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Alanna said...

Looks great Kari. I'm really loving the 3 columnn format although somehow I managed to get my 2 side columns together rather than on either side.

Have a great weekend.