Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ohh Baby

Products Used~ CTMH CS, Game On Stickease, Cricut /Cartridge Plantin School Book, White Glitter CS, Snowflake Punch, Brads

Don't mean to gross you out. But yes those are icicle's hanging from Charlie's nose. Have to preserver those memories! hehehe I had to take a quick picture before they melted. LOL We had a pretty rough winter. Very cold and lots of snow, he spent a lot of time outside... that day.
Not much happening here. Kids are still in swimming lessons. Baseball is done. Boys are back to sharing there bedroom again. {all is well}
Bought the boys 2 Wii games. Why do i even bother, they fight over who gets to play it. They got Wii "Skate It" {skateboarding} & Wii "Sports Resort" fun!
I don't know about you but I am so looking forward to school starting. Back to the routine again.
Anywho just a quick post. I had some play time this morning. And now I've got one heck of a mess to clean up in my scrap room.

I changed my blog background this morning and noticed I don't have my Followers Link on my sidebar anymore or the Link that showed all the other posts at the end of my post. Where did they go? Must be a blogger problem! Oh well maybe it'll come back on it's own.
Well that's it for now, Thanks for stoppin by. Have a great day!


Lori said...

Your layout is too funny. I remember my husband looking like that a few times on the chair lift. He is a diehart skier. Not me. lol.

Kim said...

What an adorable layout! Love it!
Kim xXx

Kathi Carlson said...

Love this layout! I've seen this same "look" on my bearded honey many times over the course of 30-plus years.

I laughed at your statement about being ready for school to start again. I remember feeling the same way every year around this time. The first couple of months were fun, and then the novelty wore off ... for all of us. Hang in there, friend. The bus will be there before you know it!

Alanna said...

Fun layout. I can't imagine how cold it must have been for Charlie to look like that.

Great new blog background, by the way.

Laurel said...

Adorable! I really don't like hot weather (warm is perfect) but I dislike cold weather even more! Am not missing those cold winter days!