Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Memories

Ok since i don't have anything new to post again right now. I was looking through my scrapbooks and thought i would post some of my layouts that are near and dear to my heart that i have never posted on my blog before. These layouts were done when i was getting most of my craft supplies from Creative Memories, Stampin' Up & Wal Mart... hehhehe, and stickers were all the rage. I still use stickers today but not as much. Some of these pages were done when i first started scrap booking in 2002. They are 8.5 x 11 pages. accept my mother's layout.
I tried putting the pictures in layout order but blogger is being a pain and i can't drag them.
I hope you find some of my work inspiring..... They are my memories, I'm keeping for a lifetime! I Hope you enjoy seeing them! : )
Page 2 of layout

After we bought our house October. 1997. My husband & I wanted to take a step of faith and get the nursery ready. Painted and put up angel boarder {not even pregnant yet} We bought and set up the crib December 15th 1997..... Samuel was born December 15th 1999.

Me at 7 Months. Sam was { 4 weeks early}. I was on bed rest for 4 weeks.

This picture looks like Sam is just reading a book with sunglasses on.
Actually, he's pretending to be a man. LOL I went upstairs to put Micah to bed and my daughter Christyl was sitting with Sam in the livingroom. and Sam says.... Quote...."I'm going to turn this light on and read this magazine".... "Won't mom be surprised me sitting here being a man". LOL We all laughed so hard. Sam was almost 4 yo.
That's what scrap booking is all about. Telling the "REAL STORY" behind the photo. Lamp Stamp is from SU, Die cut Sunglasses

Cute faces of Sam
Below....This is a family tradition page.
Making Christmas Cookies with my boys at Christmas time. I took pictures of the cookies and sprinkle jars and used them as embellishments.
page 2 of layout
1989 My mother at the nursing home after her stroke. She passed away October 1989
Page 1 of layout. Pocket page. Here is the Precious Moments Angel Boarder that I put up in the nursery and a copy of the receipt when we bought the crib. 2 years to the date before Sam was born.

The day Sam was born.

Sam was suppose to be taking a nap but instead he was playing with his Jesus doll and ripped him apart. His legs were almost torn off.
Sam was upstairs crying so i asked him what was wrong, Click on image to in large to read his story. November 2003
I sewed his doll back together. Sam was so happy! ;)
Christmas 2003. Pic got a bit stretched some how... hmmm

I put Charlie's head on a Santa Sticker
Sam potty training.

Page 1 of layout. My mom's grease stained cookbook from the 50's I still have it.

Up Up & Away....Sam flying his kite with daddy. Boy sticker and SU kite stamp.
I hope you enjoyed some of my scrapbook pages. Each page has it's own story to tell. If you are new to my blog i hope some of my pages have stirred your heart to start a scrapbook of your own and.... "Preserve Your Memories For A Lifetime"!
Thanks for stoppin by!!


Leslie said...

Kari, your layouts are great. Your faith in the Lord is so inspiring. When I read about you putting up the crib and two years to the day your son was born reminded me of our story. After being married for 10 years my husband and I went on a marriage encounter weekend and on that retreat March 5, 1984 we made the decision to have children which would require him having surgery. Our first baby girl was born on March 5th 1985. One year to the day. We didn't realize it was that day until our prayer partners brought us the candle they lit for us at dinner with their family that weekend.
God is good.

Lisa said...

What wonderful memories you have shared with me! I love, love, love reading about your faith! Thank You for making me feel so good this morning!

Kathi Carlson said...

Oh, Kari! Thank you so much for sharing your layouts and stories. Such heart-warmers about everything that is good and right. You made my day.