Monday, August 3, 2009

Garden Fresh Vegetables, Stew, & An Update

Ok here is some of what came out of our garden on Friday. Charlie was picking through what was ripe and thinned it out. OMG the garden looked so over grown . Tomatoes are really starting to get bigger, but not quite ripe yet. Saturday Charlie & I made a pan of beef stew.

Shhh {I would have washed all the dirt off the carrots if that was my job}

Here is how i made the stew if anyone is interested.

Two beef roasts cut into 3"x 5" chunks, browned them with onion, garlic powder, pepper. Lay in bottom of pan.
Add in 2 can beef broth, 1 packet of beef stew seasoning, 2 cans of Cream of Potato Soup.... mix all together. I cut up about 6 potatoes into small pieces. Added all the vegetables you see here and top with sliced onions. Cover with foil and bake about 3 hours @ 350* & 325* the last hour. Check it and stir every hour. When meat was tender it was done! :) Yummy it was good.
The boys complained again but they ate it.

Last week Sunday Sam asked if he could please have his own bedroom. We caved and started taking down the bunk beds last Sunday afternoon. Micah was sad and i know he felt a bit lost.
We have a 4 bedroom home 3 bedrooms upstairs, One is my scrap room, the other was the boys BR they shared and also sewing/ nursery room. {and a large walk through den}.
Ya know, sometimes when you do something and you think you are doing the right thing. Than after a while you have a sick feeling inside that it just may not be the right thing to do, or maybe just not the right time.

Well all last week i had that feeling that the boys shouldn't be split up yet. I voiced it to my husband durning the week & yesterday morning. He thought just leave them apart that they needed there own space. I still didn't feel right about it but i left it alone.
Well, after we put the boys to bed last night in there separate room they decided to get out of there own bedrooms {at the same time} As they were walking towards each other in the dark they scared the . . . . out of each other and came running/ screaming downstairs saying that they seen someone upstairs. LOL it was the two of them and they didn't realize it. LOL ..... OK after we calmed them down and shared some stories of our own. I knew i might have an open door here. So i asked Sam.... Do you think maybe You & Micah should share bed rooms again? And maybe when you are 13 or so you can have your own bedroom again? He nodded his head a big YES. Inside my heart was happy! :) I gave him a big hug! I also gave my husband a thumbs up and I put the boys to bed. Goodnight prayers were said again, and they both slept in Micah's bed for the night. :)
This morning i started moving all Sam's stuff back into there shared bedroom.
So all is well again! They will be sharing their bedroom tonight in their own beds! :)
Thanks for stopping by! Have a good night! :)


Sparkle said...

Your veggies look so good! I may have to start gardening. Glad you're all doing well!

Reynna said...

Hi my name is reynna and I found your blog from my mom's listing and those veggies look scrumptious
Keep Kookin',

Alanna said...

What great veggies. How fun that they came from your own garden.

I'm glad that your boys are back together again since you weren't feeling the time was right. We split our kids up last year and it was a bit rough at first but they really took to it. Granted, they are the opposite gender so that may help.