Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bike Layout

As you might remember my sons bike was stolen out of our back yard last month. We recently bought him a new bike just like it. If you haven't seen the little video i shot you can scroll down a few posts to see it. I don't think we will ever forget that day we gave Micah his new bike. He had such a grateful thankful heart. I included a dvd with this layout so it would never be lost or forgotten.
My boys are enjoying being back at school. Micah loves his teacher. Sam had Mrs P. 2 years ago and loved her as well. She is so sweet, and puts so much love into teaching the kids.
Sam is very socialable and just loves being with his buddies. I'm enjoying my days as well! ; )
I think I'll go for a bike ride today. :) Have a great day, and thanks for stoppin by!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Back To School

First day of school, yesterday morning.

Micah really didn't want me taking his picture.... "No pictures mom" Why not? Gosh he's only 7. 3/4 yo & in 2nd grade, and already wants to op out. I think not. :)

Sam 9.5 yo 4th grade gets to sit next to his "best buddy" Logan. Wonder if the teacher knew that. ha

It's been quiet having the house to myself the last 2 days. There's a lot i need to do as far as cleaning, laundry is almost done. Charlie hates it when i do laundry on the weekend. I see his point. He's been working some Fridays. I think maybe his 4-10's are done. now it's 5-10's. But at least he has the weekends off. We may take the boys to Chuck E Cheese next weekend.
Well my friend, I better get some work done.

Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Our Family

Products Used~ DP & Hearts Cosmo Cricut- "She Love Me", CTMH CS, Ribbon, Sassy Strands, SU Punches, Cricut Cartridges- Makin The Grade, Base Camp. {fixed the g}
Click on page to inlarge.

Ok you've heard of... Meet the Flockers & Meet the Robinsons... right?
Well... Meet the Christie's... LOL I've had this picture for 2 years and never did anything with it. Maybe i should have left it in the photo box. But it kept screaming... Pick Me, Pick Me...LOL We're a little crazy sometimes. Ya have to be. :)
Oh well, I started making this a 9x9 page for my "All About Me" album. Then I thought Naaa, it needs to go in the family scrapbook.
It's been busy here. We had an end of summer, Pool Pinata Party for the kids yesterday. They each invited 2 friends over. They had a blast! Back to school tomorrow. :) They're excited, me too!
Well i better get dinner on and get somethings done here. Played a little too long. Have a great evening!
Thanks for stoppin by!

Monday, August 24, 2009

A Step Further

Just an FYI.....Ok I've decided to take the plunge. I posted a few posts back about exercising, starting a walking routine and scrapbooking my progress. A 9x9 scrapbook {"All About Me"} Long over due.
Well I also started a New Blog today to help me journal my progress. "U Go Girl"
Laurel inspired me with her On The Right Track blog. Way to go Laurel!! Thanks!!
I thought it was only "Fit" that I start my own. :)
Sooo, I am asking anyone who is interested and wants to jump in and create a Get Fit blog... {Or maybe you have one already. We can encourage each other and "Follow" each others blogs. I don't know about you? But I do much better at exercise if I have someone cheering me on.
If you would like to Get Fit and be added to my Get Fit blog then please leave me a comment with your blog addy and i will link you on mine. Or just stop by and say Hello.
Thanks for stoppin! nufff said...

Lets Get Movin!! :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's Time....

Products Used~ CTMH 9x9 DP w/album, Cricut Cartridge, Plantin Storybook. I'm not sure what album & papers this is? It is CTMH. I bought a few yeas ago.

My cover page....Ok, I'm not really one to call attention to myself. But I think doing a scrapbook of just me is going to be fun! Over the 7 years that I have been a devoted scrapbooker/paper crafter I rarely did any pages of myself. Thank you ladies for your encouragement! It means a lot! I also agree with what Alanna said in her comment on my previous post about scrapbooking ourselves. We need too.
In the last few years there have been a few milestones in my life that were not personally captured in my scrapbooks. To name a few.... Getting married at 39, having children again at the age of 42 & 44. Becoming a Grammy, to two beautiful granddaughter's {one on the way,} Turning 50... Shhhhh, OMG that was hard. Getting braces at 49 Yikes....{9 days before my 50th BD} I have learned over the years, that you are never too old to have the desires of your heart! My Faith in God has kept me focused.
"Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.
Commit your way to the Lord; trust Him and He will do this. : ) Psalms 37;4, 5 One of my favorite verses.
Anyway, I promised my boys they could have a few of their friends over this summer for a Pool/Pinata Party. That will be Tuesday. It's suppose to be 87 degrees here. And with school starting Thursday... I need to get on the ball. The Pinata {Transformer} is filled. I'll probably post pictures!
Well, that's all i have for now. Thanks for stoppin by and have a great Sunday with your families!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

"U Go Girl"

Products Used... Retired CTMH B&T~ CTMH RicRac, CS, {Flowers, Brads, Scripture Sticker... Hobby Lobby} Cricut Cartridge~George & Basic Shapes. Click on layout to inlarge
This layout was inspired by my new tenny shoes. Ok, don't think I'm too lame. But about a week ago, I was standing outside and happen to look down at my shoes and thought.. Hey, I should start walking when the kids go back to school. Then that way i can really devote some "Me time" for myself. I have tried so many times to get into an exercise routine, and nothing seems to work for me. In my lifetime I've had so much exercise equipment and it just sat there and caught dust. {It was a hate relationship after i bought it} LOL My hubby said I could "NOT" have another piece equipment in the house. {had 3 treadmills and sold them all} hehehe, ok not funny. Oh, but i got a new bike this summer and I love it It's in the garage. :) hehehe
Anyway, I've decided to start a 9x9 scrapbook album for "Just ME" I even get to use pretty papers. With 4 males in the house {dog included} I am so out numbered here.
I'm going to TRY to do a page a week and scrap my progress. I may post my layouts/progress. But this is where I am beginning. School start August 27th. I be walking then.
Thank you for your kind words about Micah's bike video! He does have a tender heart.
Thanks for stoppin by, have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

One Happy, Grateful Little Boy

Neighborhood boys ready to ride.

As you might remember about 3 weeks ago Micah's 20" Mongoose bicycle was stolen right out of our back yard. He was heartbroken over it. { I was mad}Knowing he would probably never get it back.{it wasn't licensed} Well yesterday we did something about that. Take a

peek right here at this little clip of "One grateful little boy" It surprised us and made our hearts so warm & happy to see him so thankful.

I kept getting errors when i uploaded the video through blogger, so "Help" suggested posting on YouTube and past it here. Hope it works!
Oh and after I bought the bike I took it to be licensed, and it's in the garage at night.
Thank you for your kind words on my previous layout. As I was looking at it I really didn't like the way the watering can turned out so i pulled it off and run it through the Cuttlebug and put a swirl pattern on it. Gave it a textured look. Looks much better i think.
Thanks for stoppin bye! Have a great day!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Watering Flowers

Products used~ DP Cosmo Cricket.... CTMH CS, Cricut Cartridges~ Walk in my Garden & Plantin Schoolbook, Brads, Flowers from Michael's~ Center Daisy photo cut out.

Just a quick post. My honey took off work today. :)
Meghan {3} my granddaughter "LOVES" watering the flowers. {I bought each of my GD's little watering cans} Cailyn being only 18 months, I give her an empty watering can for now. She pretends well.
I was working on this page yesterday and finished it this morning. I love it when Charlie's home... I get so much done..... hehehe..... KWIM
Anywho, You gals are so sweet! Thank you for visiting and for your kind heartfelt comments throughout. I appreciate them & you! Even if you're only a "Cyber Drive By" or just a "Google Reader" Thanks for looking!
Have a blessed day!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Just Blooming Here

We have slowed down quite a bit from all the summer activities. Sam & Micah want to take wrestling next over the school year. School starts the 27th of August. {insert smile here}
Both my boys passed into the next level of swimming lessons. Micah goes into level 3 next, Sam into level 4. It was such a thrill to see Sam swim the lenght of the pool by himself. He also had to tread water for 30 seconds, he went over that. Micah had to do the front & back float and the front crawl with the noodle. Our swim lessons here go up to level 6, so they have a way to go.
Our weather here has been just beautiful lately. Everything is blooming nicely!
I thought i would show you what has a bloomed in our front and back yard over the summer. The flowers are not quite full bloom yet, but they are much prettier then the last time i posted them. I hope you enjoy a little tour around our house. Oh and the siding is almost complete : ) I'll post a final update in a few weeks.

Flower bed in front of the house.


Super Bena, Burgundy

I love daisies!

Our corn has really take off. Charlie had to put in wood stakes and plastic ties just to keep them from falling over. Our neighbors are in awe that our corn is so high. I know the farmers crops around here are hurting, we haven't had much rain.
Tomatoe plants are in full bloom, but No red ripe tomatoes yet. Some of the carrots are still growing.

Some yummy veggies we just pulled out of our garden. I'll be making some zucchini bread/z~cupcakes. I'm not sure what Charlie will do with the egg plant. Jalapeno's, He eats them, I don't!
Our 1st Sunflower!! Isn't it gorgeous?!? Just as i was taking the picture a bumble bee showed up. Loves that pollen!
Well that's all i have for now. I'm hoping to get crafty in the next few days.
Thanks for stoppin by! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Digital Layout

I made my 1st digital scrapbook layout. YAY I bought Jessica Sprague Beginners Course on line. How fun! It came with week~ 1-4 of lessons called. { Up and Running} This is one of the digital templates i had to work with.  Lesson one
I don't have much time to post i spent most of the morning playing with digital paper.  Thank you to Jeanne for her e mail of encouraging information she sent me! I can't wait to dive into more digital stuff. How fun!

Here is my finished digital layout. This template only allowed for a 4x4 picture so i had to crop out most of the wash tub and the little ducky. :) I'm thrilled that it turned out.

I better get moving, my boys have swimming lessons shortly. Today is test day and tomorrow is there last class. I think they'll pass. :)
Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, August 10, 2009

A Happy Hello

Products Used... CTMH Bella Papers...Stamp Sets.. Happiness, Playful Flourishes, Stampin' Up, What Could Be Better.. Ink, Pedal, Button, Twine, Pop Dots, Misc Flower, Brad, This card was inspired right out of the Summer CTMH IB. Tweaked a bit.
A Happy Hello! Hope you'all are doing well.
Charlie was off Friday so we took the boys to Baybeach Amusement Park. Most kiddie rides are .25 cents. Bigger rides are .50. We use to take the boys quite a bit when they were smaller and could fit in the planes, boats and little cars. I have those precious memories scrap booked. It's fun to look back and see how little they were and how much fun they had. Now we all go on the Tilt-a-Whirl, Swings, Scrambler. Micah hates the swings.
Last Friday night sometime, Micah's bicycle was stolen right out of the back yard. {We have dawn to dusk light in the back yard and a motion light in back of the garage by the alley.} It was a 20" Mongoose Bike we just bought it for him in May. I have to say that in the 11 years we have lived here this is the first time anything was stolen right out of our yard. I could kick myself for not having it licensed or even put in the garage. We called the police and reported it but they said bicycle theft is pretty common.... sad
Micah had a back up bike that was smaller, but not the same.
I will be returning as a"Close to my Heart" Consultant, probably next month. I heard some of the New Fall/Winter products in the new catty are just wonderful and that's what will be included in my kit if i can hold off till September to sign up. YAY!!
Anywhoo. I changed my blog background again. I think i like this one. What can you say, they're free. Well i better call it for now. Thanks for stopping by to see me & your sweet comments on my previous post made me smile! :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ohh Baby

Products Used~ CTMH CS, Game On Stickease, Cricut /Cartridge Plantin School Book, White Glitter CS, Snowflake Punch, Brads

Don't mean to gross you out. But yes those are icicle's hanging from Charlie's nose. Have to preserver those memories! hehehe I had to take a quick picture before they melted. LOL We had a pretty rough winter. Very cold and lots of snow, he spent a lot of time outside... that day.
Not much happening here. Kids are still in swimming lessons. Baseball is done. Boys are back to sharing there bedroom again. {all is well}
Bought the boys 2 Wii games. Why do i even bother, they fight over who gets to play it. They got Wii "Skate It" {skateboarding} & Wii "Sports Resort" fun!
I don't know about you but I am so looking forward to school starting. Back to the routine again.
Anywho just a quick post. I had some play time this morning. And now I've got one heck of a mess to clean up in my scrap room.

I changed my blog background this morning and noticed I don't have my Followers Link on my sidebar anymore or the Link that showed all the other posts at the end of my post. Where did they go? Must be a blogger problem! Oh well maybe it'll come back on it's own.
Well that's it for now, Thanks for stoppin by. Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Memories

Ok since i don't have anything new to post again right now. I was looking through my scrapbooks and thought i would post some of my layouts that are near and dear to my heart that i have never posted on my blog before. These layouts were done when i was getting most of my craft supplies from Creative Memories, Stampin' Up & Wal Mart... hehhehe, and stickers were all the rage. I still use stickers today but not as much. Some of these pages were done when i first started scrap booking in 2002. They are 8.5 x 11 pages. accept my mother's layout.
I tried putting the pictures in layout order but blogger is being a pain and i can't drag them.
I hope you find some of my work inspiring..... They are my memories, I'm keeping for a lifetime! I Hope you enjoy seeing them! : )
Page 2 of layout

After we bought our house October. 1997. My husband & I wanted to take a step of faith and get the nursery ready. Painted and put up angel boarder {not even pregnant yet} We bought and set up the crib December 15th 1997..... Samuel was born December 15th 1999.

Me at 7 Months. Sam was { 4 weeks early}. I was on bed rest for 4 weeks.

This picture looks like Sam is just reading a book with sunglasses on.
Actually, he's pretending to be a man. LOL I went upstairs to put Micah to bed and my daughter Christyl was sitting with Sam in the livingroom. and Sam says.... Quote...."I'm going to turn this light on and read this magazine".... "Won't mom be surprised me sitting here being a man". LOL We all laughed so hard. Sam was almost 4 yo.
That's what scrap booking is all about. Telling the "REAL STORY" behind the photo. Lamp Stamp is from SU, Die cut Sunglasses

Cute faces of Sam
Below....This is a family tradition page.
Making Christmas Cookies with my boys at Christmas time. I took pictures of the cookies and sprinkle jars and used them as embellishments.
page 2 of layout
1989 My mother at the nursing home after her stroke. She passed away October 1989
Page 1 of layout. Pocket page. Here is the Precious Moments Angel Boarder that I put up in the nursery and a copy of the receipt when we bought the crib. 2 years to the date before Sam was born.

The day Sam was born.

Sam was suppose to be taking a nap but instead he was playing with his Jesus doll and ripped him apart. His legs were almost torn off.
Sam was upstairs crying so i asked him what was wrong, Click on image to in large to read his story. November 2003
I sewed his doll back together. Sam was so happy! ;)
Christmas 2003. Pic got a bit stretched some how... hmmm

I put Charlie's head on a Santa Sticker
Sam potty training.

Page 1 of layout. My mom's grease stained cookbook from the 50's I still have it.

Up Up & Away....Sam flying his kite with daddy. Boy sticker and SU kite stamp.
I hope you enjoyed some of my scrapbook pages. Each page has it's own story to tell. If you are new to my blog i hope some of my pages have stirred your heart to start a scrapbook of your own and.... "Preserve Your Memories For A Lifetime"!
Thanks for stoppin by!!