Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blooming Garden

Hello There
Some of you asked a while back that i post pictures when our above ground garden bloomed. Well it did, and here it is. :) Some of you might get to thinkin we are all vegetarian's here. Nope, not me or the kids. { we eat some} Charlie would claim that he could live on all this. Which he could, and he'd be one happy camper doing so. He would love to have a hobby farm one day and grow more of this stuff. Maybe when he retires.

I need to stain the lattice & posts yet before fall. Needs to weathered first.

Tomatoe plants too

The cucumbers are right across from the garden. Just a few days ago these were tiny little pickles.
Here is Lettuce, Spinach leaves, Carrots, Sweet Peas and...

Sweet Corn, Indian Corn, and whatever else. It might be peppers.

Anywoo, this is life in my backyard. I hope you enjoyed seeing our gardens.. Thanks for droppin by and for your sweet comments about my scrap book layouts. I appreciate them very much!
Much Love, Friends!!


Kathi Carlson said...

Wow, Kari! Your gardens look great! Good enough to eat, in fact! Thanks for sharing the photos! They're beautiful.

Sparkle said...

What a great garden! All of those veggies sound so good!

Jeanne said...

Wow! I am SO impressed! The garden looks fantastic and YUMMY! Ours almost pales in comparison. Thanks for sharing.

Hey..a quick question, this is our first year of actually growing corn that is producing, well, corn. We discovered that a critter has peeled away the outer leaves and eaten all the corn off at least one cob. Surprised the heck out of me. We suspect squirrels...anyway...any tips on avoiding this seeing as you are growing corn, too? Thanks, mucho!

Alanna said...

What a wonderful garden you all have. I'm so jealous