Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Boots!

Products used.... CTMT Papers- It's a Guy Thing, Stickease- Stamps- Serendipity, Random Stamped Background, Ink- Garden Green, Deco Scissors, Cricut- Cartridge Printing 101 W/ Black Shadow. Adding journaling with pullout tab above picture. Click on image to inlarge.
Micah has had his cowboy boots for quite a few years. I don't have any pictures of him wearing them accept this one. It was taken last summer {see side bar}. I recently took pictures of his boots outside so i could use them on this page. I'm happy with the way it turned out.
Ok with having a dog for the last 8 months or so, We all share in the responsibilities of taking care of him. That includes taking Toby outside and picking up the yard. Well just the other day both boys were fighting over "WHO" was going to take the dog outside. So all i said was... "MAYBE" we should just get rid of Toby.
Micah pipes up and says.... "You can't do that! He's your son, even if he has 4 legs.... And you would cry and miss him a lot" { I about died laughing}Then Micah takes Toby outside, end of argument! LOL Talk about picking your battles.
I signed the boys up for another session of swimming lessons {2 weeks} starting Monday the 3rd. I was able to get them in at the same time this time. If neither one passes this Thursday onto the next level... then we're all good. :)
Well my friends that's all i have for now. I need to start my laundry and do some cleaning. Play time is over.... for now. :) Hope you're having a great day!!
Thanks for the congrats! I passed them on to my daughter & son in-law. Looks like our new grandbaby could be here end of March 2010. :)
Thanks for stoppin by!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Two Plus One More......

Equals Three.

We just found out yesterday that we are going to be grandparents again. Christyl & Mark are expecting their 3rd child. {insert smile and happy dance here} I'm so excited for them. {No due date yet, I'll pass that along when we find out}. They have 2 daughters already. I know they are hoping for a boy this time but would be delighted with another girl. See my side bar on the right for newly updated pictures of my granddaughter's.
Sorry i don't have anything crafty to show you. Between swimming lessons "Twice a Day" {I couldn't get them in at the same time}, baseball M-W and the Skate Park. I've been pretty much on the go these last few weeks. I just found out School will start on August 27th. That's way to early. IMO.... they usually go back after Labor Day. Not really complaining though... {I need a break} :)
Charlie and a buddy are outside siding. Hoping to get a lot done before the rain comes by here. {we need it}
Anywhoo, I just wanted to give a little update and tell you our exciting News!!
Thanks for stoppin by and checkin up on me. You're the best!! Have a fabulous weekend. BTW ~ who's from Milwaukee WI? I have many relatives from that area.

Much Love!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Pretty n Pink

I had some play time this morning and made this card. It's pretty colorful in person. I love to use the vellum with these colors.... I'm happy the way it turned out. I took these pictures outside, cloudy day today. 63 here. What happened to summer. The warm up is on it's way~ Next Tuesday.

CTMH Card stock ~ Random Stamped Background, Stamp Set, Sweet Flowers, {love this set!}Vellum Overlay, Whipper Snapper Watering Can Stamp & Sentiment, Brads ?, Sassy Strands, Copic Markers.
This second card is just one piece {4.1/4 x 5.5 } RS {random stamped} CS and a 4 x 5.5 piece of CS folded in half and opens, matted with Sweet Pea Papers & Stickease, Flower Brads, Ribbon.

My boys have a new love. The are forever asking me to take them to the Skate Park, Skate Store. They recently got skateboards at {Wal-Mart} Sam has really taken off building his confidence, going down the ramps. Yikes... Micah wiped out yesterday on his sb so now he just rides his scooter. I'm sure he'll be on his board again. I'll post pictures at a later date. I think I'm glad they are into this. They love it!
Sam is 9.5 yo going on 15. {Personality wise} He is really changing. He's more conscience about his clothes these days. Accept when he came downstairs wearing plaid shorts and a stripped shirt. hehehe
Anywho, Charlie is still on the ladder. A few guys are coming tomorrow morning to help finish putting up the siding on the front of the house.
So that's all i have for now. Have a great weekend, Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blooming Garden

Hello There
Some of you asked a while back that i post pictures when our above ground garden bloomed. Well it did, and here it is. :) Some of you might get to thinkin we are all vegetarian's here. Nope, not me or the kids. { we eat some} Charlie would claim that he could live on all this. Which he could, and he'd be one happy camper doing so. He would love to have a hobby farm one day and grow more of this stuff. Maybe when he retires.

I need to stain the lattice & posts yet before fall. Needs to weathered first.

Tomatoe plants too

The cucumbers are right across from the garden. Just a few days ago these were tiny little pickles.
Here is Lettuce, Spinach leaves, Carrots, Sweet Peas and...

Sweet Corn, Indian Corn, and whatever else. It might be peppers.

Anywoo, this is life in my backyard. I hope you enjoyed seeing our gardens.. Thanks for droppin by and for your sweet comments about my scrap book layouts. I appreciate them very much!
Much Love, Friends!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Play Ball

Products used~ CTMH Papers. Game On Level 1, Tweaked, w/Stickease, Added CS, Stamp Set CTMH Soft Ball... Ric Rac, Star Punch, Brads, Mics Baseball Stickers {Hobby Lobby} Pop Dots Center Picture. Click on image to in large.

I had fun putting this layout together. The only papers that came to mind were "Game On" from Close to my Heart {CTMH} All i had on hand was level 1, but i was able to tweak it a bit on the 1st page. I'll be adding another page when i get the team picture of all the boys and coach together. That won't be for a few weeks. Then i will add the journaling.
Sam's team is really doing well. They only lost 2 of the 8 games they played. Sam takes this baseball thing very serious. {1st time} :) I know he'll want to play again next summer.

Hey did i tell you i love my new bike!?! Sam & I went riding last Friday after i picked it up and we put on 7 miles. I went last night and put on another 5 1/2. How fun!! And the awsome thing is, the burning in my left knee is gone. For about the last 2 years i "Could Not" put any pressure or kneel on my left knee without it sending me to the moon.. No kidding. I am just thrilled and over joyed that all it took for my healing was a bike ride. Praise God!!! In case you're wondering~ I haven't ridden a bike in at least 15 years. Geesh. I'm lovin it!
Well i better get busy. Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comments make me smile! Have a geat day!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Say Ahh

Products Used~ Papers...Paris Nights Collection, CTMH... Stamp Set, Giggle Lowercase... DE Letters Sponged Dabbed w/ Black Ink, Liquid Glass... Brads,Wire, Hinges. Journaling under "Ouch" Flips Up
I had this weird light bulb moment last week Thursday. But i had to wait till Monday to work it out. {Office closed on Friday's. I was thinking since Sam had all those Colorful Orthodontic Elastic Rubber Bands in his mouth. Maybe i could work it into his layout. :) At his appointments Sam could always pick out what color rubber bands he wanted for his braces. Most of the time it was Green & Gold Packer Colors. Other times Red & Blue. Anyway, so i was thinking.... Maybe i could talk to "Jane Doe" {thank You!!} at the Orthodontic Office and see if i could get some of those colored rubber bands. Don't laugh.... No problem, She even cleared it with the Doctor. She asked if i would bring in the layout at Sam's next check up. They are so sweet!
So this is what i came up with. Lame??? : )
I knew I would string it with some wire, but it needed something else.
If you want to read Sam's Story about his Orthodontic Treatment. You can find it here & here

Seems like I haven't posted anything crafty in such a long time. It's been pretty busy here since the kids got out of school for the summer. They are both in swimming lessons right now. Sam will probably pass into Level 3 tomorrow. Micah will stay in Level 2. They have to swim the width of the pool to pass out of Level 2.
I was thinking since i have been so active with the boys i wanted to keep up with them. I bought my 1st bicycle in 15-20 years. "Insert Giggle Here" No kidding. I haven't ridden a bike in forever. The last week of the end of the school year, Sam was riding his bike to school with his friends mom, & family. So i got to thinking. I want to do that with my boys. With not having my granddaughters when school starts again in the fall, I'll be able to do that.
Anyway That's whats happening in my Little Korner. I hope you are all having a great summer. Speaking of summer... Where is it? It's July 1st and it's w 57-63 degrees today. Yikes!
Well, the groomer just called, Toby is done i need to pick him up. Thanks for taking the time to stop by. And your sweet comments! Have a great week!
Much Love!