Sunday, June 21, 2009

Outside Stuff

I hope you're not getting tired of seeing outdoor pics. I haven't even gotten close to my scrap room lately to craft anything. I was headed their to clean it up on Friday but got distracted. Anywoo, Friday Charlie & I took the kids for there last day of VBS {vacation bible school} and then went to Menard's and bought some Dawson Blocks and landscaped around the flag pole. With the garden beds finished it really needed something on the end to finish the look. I'm really happy with the end results. Charlie wanted to go square on the end. I seen a half circle. hehehe.

See... our crops are coming up..YAY. I was playing 'Farm Town" on Facebook and didn't come close to my crops looking like this, LOL so i quit and gave up. Anyone who has started a farm on FB will understand. LOL

Last weekend we put our pool up for the kids. Heck, Charlie and I went in it yesterday. It was 80 something. It was refreshing to cool off. Micah and a neighbor boy cooling off.
This is going to be a short update. need to get ready for church. I hope you all had a great week. Have a wonderful Father's Day with your dad's and family. We are sticking close to home. Mark & Christyl and grandbabies are coming today.
Thanks for stoppin by!


Jeanne said...

How nice everything looks! The gardens are coming along and the boys look like they are having a blast!

Alanna said...

Your gardens are looking great and that pool looks like fun. Have a great Sunday.

Kathi Carlson said...

How neat to see your gardens grow. The pool looks like a great place to cool off, too. Fun to look at photos of kids having fun! A person can't help but smile! Enjoy your day, friend!

Lori said...

The garden looks great. Looks like the start of a fun summer for the kids.