Sunday, June 28, 2009

We're getting there!

Hello there, Hope you all had a great weekend. Ours was very busy. With Charlie having 3 day weekends he is able to accomplish so much that's been on the back burner. Here are a few pictures of where we left off last fall with our house progress.
Those of you who have been keeping up. This is where we are today. I won't be posting anymore pics until it's complete .... Sigh

This is where we ended last fall. Deck was stained.

This north side is almost done.

This is what the back looked like after we removed the asphalt siding.
Charlie painted and moved the light. We will be adding a wrap around deck to back of the house. {next year}

Saturday work day.... Mission... To finish the back of the house.
Thanks so much Mark & Sean!
Mark our sil putting up the peak piece.
Ahhhhh >>>>>Mission Complete! :)
Lower level, back of the house is DONE! Well not quite, we have to paint the rest of the pipe and the foundation. :) The siding color is "Ivy" from Home Depot. If anyone is interested.
I'm hoping to be back soon with a layout I've been working on.
Thanks for stoppin by!
Much love,

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

First Home Video

I have always wanted to make home video's and post them. {I have video's of the boys when they were smaller} I think i finally figured it out. I can't remember if i shot this with the camcorder or my camera. It works, that's all that matters, right? I think the hardest part was remembering what i saved it as, and then finding it among all the pictures.
Anyway, I shot this over a month ago. These are my granddaughter's Meghan almost 3 here and Cailyn 16 months. Thought i would share my first home video. :)
My days are pretty busy with the kids. With swimming lessons and baseball and everyday playtime. I haven't had any crafty Me time. Maybe later? Well i better get movin and get something done. It's after 9. Micah just got up. Sam is still sleeping. They're wore out.
Have a great day! It's a warm one here today. YAY summer is here!
Thanks for stoppin by!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Outside Stuff

I hope you're not getting tired of seeing outdoor pics. I haven't even gotten close to my scrap room lately to craft anything. I was headed their to clean it up on Friday but got distracted. Anywoo, Friday Charlie & I took the kids for there last day of VBS {vacation bible school} and then went to Menard's and bought some Dawson Blocks and landscaped around the flag pole. With the garden beds finished it really needed something on the end to finish the look. I'm really happy with the end results. Charlie wanted to go square on the end. I seen a half circle. hehehe.

See... our crops are coming up..YAY. I was playing 'Farm Town" on Facebook and didn't come close to my crops looking like this, LOL so i quit and gave up. Anyone who has started a farm on FB will understand. LOL

Last weekend we put our pool up for the kids. Heck, Charlie and I went in it yesterday. It was 80 something. It was refreshing to cool off. Micah and a neighbor boy cooling off.
This is going to be a short update. need to get ready for church. I hope you all had a great week. Have a wonderful Father's Day with your dad's and family. We are sticking close to home. Mark & Christyl and grandbabies are coming today.
Thanks for stoppin by!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Flowers, Cards, Pics

I received a nice surprise yesterday afternoon. Flowers and a box of candy came from Charlie and my 2 boys. That explains why he called me 4 times through out the day, and asked how my day was going. {Waiting for me to say the flowers and candy arrived}.
I Love the flowers! The chocolate candy will most likely stick to my hips, but I'm saving the pretty yellow ribbon. It will look really pretty on a card, don't cha think.... LOL
Mark & Christyl, granddaughter's gave me a Belgian Waffle Maker... by request. :)

I was so thrilled to get birthday cards in the mail from two bloggin/facebook crafty friends ~ Erica & Sparkle. {center front} they are so sweet to wish me a Happy Birthday and we never even met. I got to know them some from CTMH BB when i was a Consultant. They both do amazing work!! Thanks again girls!
Sam & Micah made me cards with Charlie's help.

Christyl my daughter snuggling Micah keeping him warm.

Sam's team won last night 23~zip. I felt bad for the other team, they tried so hard to score runs.

Well i best get movin. Thanks for your BD wishes! I appreciate all of you who visit!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Meghan & me

This was going to be a quick update.... hahaha... Not a chance. Lots to do today. Day is half gone.
Sam has his first baseball game tonight. He is really pumped that he gets to play on a team for the first time and that he is catcher.
Meghan's BD party was fun. Oh to be 3 again. She had 2 parties... one on Saturday with her "little friends" and one on Sunday with grandparents, cousins & uncles.
They tell me it's my Birthday today.... I stopped counting. Oh well, Happy Birthday to me. I'm not really celebrating. Charlie gave me an awesome card. He always finds the sweetest cards to give me. Two of my GF are taking me to Applebees tomorrow night for a Sunday.
I hope you enjoy the pictures I've posted.
Some have asked how we are doing on our siding project.. I haven't posted any updates since last fall. Charlie is recruiting a few guys for the last weekend in June.
It's getting there. I will post updates at a later date and show you how far we have gotten.

A Dora Birthday Party

Swinging on her BD. 6/11/09

Sam ended up breaking it open.

Silly string again. Why do they always target one kid?

Meghan's 2 uncles~ Sam & Micah, 2 cousins~ Tristan & Cassy, baby sister Cailyn & Meghan
Bumble bee

Our strawberries came up again~ 6th season. With having a dog in the yard now, the squires seem to leave them alone. otherwise they would pick them off, take a bite and leave it sit. Ugh...not anymore.

Charlie got his 3rd garden bed in on Friday. As of yet nothing planted in it.

Some flowers from around the house.

We put up our 12' x 3' pool this weekend. It took 7 hours to fill the thing. The water company will be happy with us. Sam & Micah were in it today already. Water was 60 degrees when they went in, they weren't in it for long. It warmed up 8 degrees just with the cover off and the warm sun.

Bloggin & Facebook friends are some of the best!!! I received 2 BD cards one on Saturday & one today that i can't wait to show off. You gals make it all worth while! I love you all!
Whether you just stalk my blog, and never post a comment at all, i don't mind. My only hope is that you came away with something positive to share/inspire with someone else in your walk of life. I have been Inspired & Blessed as I visit many of your blogs! Thank you for sharing YOUR Life with us!
God's Blessings!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Birthday Card

Products Used~ Online Dress Template, CTMH~ Daisy White CS Base, Sweet Pea Papers/Organdy Ribbon, Vellum Overlay, Dew Drops. Ripple Scissors. Click on card to enlarge. Card measures 4 1/2 x 5

Thank you for your sweet comments & visiting my little Korner of the web!
Tomorrow is my granddaughter Meghan's 3rd Birthday.{Party on Sunday} When i was thinking of making a card this one came to mind. She loves pretty dresses. Here is a lot of fun "Templates"
"School's Out"... for Summer! But let it warm up. Last Friday at the kids school picnic it was near 80 degrees. Then on Saturday it was 4o something. Geesh,
Sam starts baseball practice tomorrow. He's pumped!
I finish out this week of babysitting my grandaughter's. I won't be continuing in the fall. I'll be doing something else. As to what, it remains to be seen. But something. Like i had said in previous post i would love to take a photography/photo editing class. I have heard of 2 online classes that others have taken and liked. Suggestions are welcome.
Anywho, let the day begin. You all have a wonderful Wednesday!
Thanks for stopping by!
Cyber hugs!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Teacher's Cards

Products used~ CTMH Retired B&T Papers, Stamp image Teachabella from Stamping Bella, SU Boarder Scallop Punch, Misc...Tag, Buttons, Twine, Brads ~Ink, Stipple Brush, Colored Pencils, Copic Markers

My boys last day of school is today. Picnic tomorrow. I made a few cards to give to there teachers. We appreciate what they do to teach our kids. Teaching is a gift. I would never Homeschool. Unless God called me to do it... But I don't see that happening. Hehehe {Never say never}
Neither one of their teachers makes cards, so i hope they like these. I am my worst critic.
I took the pictures of these cards outside. That's where the glare came from.
I was chatting with Charlie on the phone this morning on his way to work. I said... TGIT. He says.... No TGIF... I said.... but you have a 3 day weekend so that would only give you a 2 day weekend mentally. He says No... I have 2 Saturdays. LOL We just laughed. He's looking forward to going to the kids Closing Service at school tomorrow morning and the school picnic. I love my hubby! He's a good man!!
TGIT~Have a wonderful day! :)

Thanks for stoppin by!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Products used~ CTMH Retired Together B&T, Stamps, Kindred Spirits, Misc. Love Boarder Stamp, Twine, Button, SU Scallop Boarded Punch, Piercing Tool, Ink, Black, Crystal Blue, Sponge Dabbed Tag. Triangle was inspired from a magazine.

What better way to remember flowers then to take a picture of them. Charlie keeps his bees at his buddies house out in the country and while he was out their Saturday his wife gave Charlie these flowers to give to me. How sweet was that! I made this card i thought i would send it to her as a thank you.
I don't know what kind of flowers they are. Charlie told me but i forgot. They look like little umbrella's, they sure do smell pretty.
Question.....Are you a real perfectionist? I don't think i am. But i could be. LOL It's not a bad thing. I was asking myself that question after i changed the blurb on my previous post. {And among other things} I didn't like it so i redid it. I have to be satisfied/content with what i post or i change it. Is that normal? : )
Anywho, hope you're having a great Wednesday. The weekend is almost here! : )
Thanks for stoppin by!

Monday, June 1, 2009

As the ducks go by....

Quack Quack
Products used..... Retired CTMH B&T Paper, Stamp from Whipper Snapper, Cricut~Base Camp, Nestables, Hole Punch, Brads, Copic Markers.
Edit~ redid blurb

YAY, I found the stamp i couldn't find.... hehehe.... I thought it was on my wish list for another time. Isn't this just the cutest image ever. My friend Kathi from Kathi's Corner made the cutest card using this image a few months ago, and then recently made another one Here Mine isn't nearly as cute as her card, but i thought i would give it a try anyway. I think my blurb is too big. Oh well.
"As the ducks go by".... is from a fun song we used to teach the preschool kids in church in the late 80's. Heck i don't even think anyone sings that song anymore. And i forgot the rest of the words. LOL Oh man, go figure.
Friday is Sam & Micah's last day of school. Yikes!
They have there closing service and then the school picnic at a park from 9:30 till 1:00. I'm so glad Charlie is off Friday bcuz he gets to go along. :)

Erin asked me in a comment about Toby our dog. What breed he was mixed with? He's a purebred American Cocker Spaniel. We got him November last year. He was our Christmas present to the family. We love him to pieces!
I got to sit down last night and watch a movie after the kids went to bed. It was "New in Town" with Renee Zellweger. It was LOL funny. I knew it would be. I seen the previews last year, and waited till it came to video and rented it. Cute movie! PG btw
I best get supper on the table. I made beef stew in the crock pot yesterday. yummy!! My boys are complaining already they don't want to eat THAT! It's really good, I just can't convince them of it. They have had it before but they complain every time i make it. Do you have kids like that?
Anyway, thanks for droppin by! Your sweet comments are always appreciated! They make me smile!
Have a great evening!