Friday, May 29, 2009

"No Way Mom"

I took Sam to the Orthodontics on Tuesday to get his braces off. He has had bands, wires, brackets, braces since March of 2007. His were mainly on to keep the bands in place for his upper back molars.
Here is Sam's Story Say Ahhhh if you want to read it.
As you can tell i took before & after pics of Sam in the van. He didnt want to have a group picture taken with the Dr & Staff. So this is what i got. But he does want me to scrap book these pictures of him. Now i need to come up with a title. Any ideas??

Sam still has to go through treatment. He has to go back in 6 weeks. He has a temporary retainer on the bottom inside front and bands on both sides of his upper molars crossing over to the roof of his mouth. Just to keep the spaces open for his 12 year molars on the top to come in. And to keep the spaces open for his permanent eye teeth on the bottom. If you read his story you'll know why this had to be done. He is happy just to have the braces off.
Why do boys need constant reminding to brush their teeth. I am forever telling him. They don't see the consequences of what could happen if they don't brush. He's never had a cavity. YAY... I guess my nagging is paying off. :)
Anyway Not much else going on. Both granddaughter's are napping right now. Quiet is good!
Thanks for stoppin by. I hope to craft this weekend.
Have a great day!


Kathi Carlson said...

Good for Sam! He's a handsome one, who appears to look like his mom! While I have no title suggestions, I look forward to seeing his layout! Have a good weekend!!

Sparkle said...

Yeah! He must be so happy!

Leslie said...

Kari, I can sympathize with Sam. I used to work for an orthodontist in Virginia. My daughter had to have an RPE - Rapid Palatal Expander. That was all she ever had done as far as ortho goes and her teeth look beautiful. We were talking about it the other day and she didn't even remember it until I mentioned it. She's 23 now and was 12 when she had it in her mouth, so there are no lasting ill affects from it.

Good luck

Jeanne said...

Look, Mom! No More Wires! Sigh...not very good, but that's what came to my mind.

Congrats to your handsome son for coming through this journey with a gorgeous smile. He'll thank you one day, for sure. *Ü*

I hope you are able to get some crafting time this weekend.

Lisa said...

He looks great! I am sure he is so relieved! I will have to think about a title for a page..

mE said...

Love the story!! What a relief!

I think a great title would be something like


A Mouth


Inky Smiles!