Monday, May 11, 2009

My Husband is Brilliant!

CTMH- Sweet Pea Papers, Ribbon, Eyelets, Ric Rac~ Misc Brads, I used White Poster Board for the card base, i needed the length on the fold. Card measures 5x7

It's been a while since i updated or posted anything crafty it seems. Life gets busy.
While out shopping with my daughter today I told her that i would make a card for a surprise baby shower we have this coming weekend. She hasn't seen these yet, so I'm going to run these past her tomorrow and see which one she likes. {sex of the baby is a surprise} See Template Here
Charlie comes home tonight, so i showed him the cards i made. he says... "those are cute, little onesies" Can you believe that? Then i said... "it looks really plain maybe i should add some buttons down the front". He says... "How about some ribbon" LOL Hello, "What a brilliant idea hon" He's a keeper!
Anyway, I hope you all had a great Mother's Day, Mine was sweet. {My Mom passed away in 1989. I miss her, but i know I'll see her again}
We went to church and each of the women received a Red Rose. Charlie fried out when we got home and my daughter and husband and Gbabies came for dinner. Chicken,Brats Burgers, Yum!
I am lovin having my braces off. ; D Except i have to wear the retainer 24-7 for the next 6 weeks. That's ok.
Well i better call it a night. You all take care! Thanks for stoppin by.
Hug a friend.


Kathi Carlson said...

So cute! And yes, Charlie sounds like a keeper!! I'm glad you had a good Mother's Day. I know you deserved it!!

Lisa said...

Yay for Charlie!! Love the little onesies to! Mother's day lunch sounds delicious!!

Jeanne said...

Oh goodness! Those onesies are so cute! Your guy gave you some great ideas!

I'm glad you enjoyed your Mother's Day. Mine passed in 1994, so it's kind of a bittersweet day isn't it?

Congrats again on getting the braces off, must feel so wonderful!

Laurel said...

Cute, cute, cute! and the ribbon is perfect!

Leslie said...

Cute little onesies. Impressed that Charlie knew what a onesie was and suggested the ribbon. Actually my Charlie would know about ribbon too since his boss is my upline and she talks scrappin' all day and night. He not only has to put up with me being in my scraproom, but also to see it and hear about it all day at work. another of my uplines downlines works there too. He's the one that suggested I get involved as I had never done any scrappin before in my life.
I found it difficult this year for some reason to think about Mother's day cards and my mom has been gone since 1981 and my best friend and mother in law since 2000.

Sparkle said...

The onesies are very cute! Glad you had a great Mother's Day!

Barbara said...

I love the onsies.....very cute. Inspiring!!!

Jenn said...

Those onesies are too stinkin' cute! :D