Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Products Used~ DPapers & Ric Rac i picked up at WM.
Stamp Image-Ribbon CTMH ... Family Ties, Classmate Alphabet. Foam Dots, Copic Markers.

This is a cute image, but I'm still stuck on Bella! CTMH came out with a stamp line of stick people. Cute!!
My daughter and son in law are trying for there third child. They are hoping for a boy this time, but they would be thrilled to have a third daughter. As far as i know my daughter seldom checks my blog. This card is for them. I'll post the happy news when I hear it. :)
We are going to the Wisconsin Dells the 1st - 3rd. Indoor Water Park. Can't wait. I know my boys are so excited to go. We haven't taken a family trip in a while. Now with having a dog we had to make arrangements with my daughter to take Toby for a few days. He's looking forward to the sleep over. LOL. I recently finished another doggy page.

This is a funny little story I have to tell ya. When I was holding Toby last night his little {you know what} was showing.{1st time Micah seen it} Micah walks up and says... "ewe it's brownish" {actually red} I said..."Oh it just comes out when dogs get excited" Micah say's...
"Oh it's like..."It's nice to meet you"
I LOL and said... "well it's something like that". Since my boys were little I have a kept a notebook of funny things they have said. This one is going in it. :)

Have a great Wednesday! Thanks for your sweet comments and stoppin by!


Jenn said...

Your story cracked me up! Kids say the darnest things...too funny! :D Your card is sweet...your daughter will love it! :D

Sandra T. said...

I have always kept a journal for my kids. My older son [7 years old] and I were doing homework last week and he was supposed to write world 3 times. So while he does that, I usually come up with a sentence. I told him, Vinny, you are my world. Then he told me, Mom, you are my country! So funny!!!

Alanna said...

Cute, cute card. And what a great story about the weenie. Moments like those are priceless.

Andrea said...

Your son's comment made me laugh out loud! Chandler's comes out to say hello every now and then. When my sister was little, she called it lipstick. LOL.
Cute card!:)

Lisa said...

Love the card and the story!

Laurel said...

Great card, and the story is so cute!

Jenn Embry said...

Way cute card and really funny story. It is so funny what kids think sometimes! LOL