Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Celebrating My Blogoversary

I'm Celebrating!!! That a year ago January 4th 2008 I started my 1st blog post. Having never done anything like it before, I am still lovin it today! Although I wish there were more hours in a day that i could escape to scrap room and pound out more pages and cards. But I'm a busy Wife, Mom & Grammy. And I spend way to much time visiting, surfing other blogs. You have all been such an inspiration to me over this last year!! Your friendships and sweet comments have been so uplifting and kept me posting more. Even when i flopped I still felt lifted up. You kept coming back!! : )

Ok, I don't have a picture posted of my "Blog Candy Give Away" but I promise it will be a goood, Goody Package.
Some of the items I'm going to include is {2} Swinging Shutters Page Protectors. {Scroll down to see my "Get Well Soon" layout} These are fun to put together and lots of room to add a cover page, and more pictures. I'll also include a CTMH stamp set, some bling, and stamped images, & more.

Here is what you can do to try and be a winner... I'm in the market for a NEW Laptop Computer. And I'd like to know what you love or don't love about them. Leave a comment about... What should I be looking for as far as my upgrade. I have a desktop computer i have been using for almost 6 years, so it's time. {My Trojan Virus fixed it's self???}
So lets hear what you love/don't love about your computer....You have till Saturday Morning January 10th. I will have my son pick one winner.
Thanks again for stopping by, I love you guys!!


Vicki said...

I've had a desktop for 6 years and about a month ago I got my first laptop and I LOVE it. I have wireless and I love the fact that I can be anywhere in the house and use it. I got an HP Pavilion with 250G and 3G Ram for $550 and I thought it was a good bargain. I personally like Vista but I know a lot don't. Good luck with your shopping. By the way, I enjoy your creations and Toby is adorable.

Laurel said...

Wow, my Blogoversary is January 9th, and it will be one year! As for Computers I don't know much about which ones are good and bad, I just know that having a laptop is very convenient when you have a teenager that likes her MSN!

Jena said...

Wohoo, congrats on the blogoversary! I'm glad you started blogging and I'm glad I got into it, too! I have enjoyed getting to know you and just wish we lived closer so I could meet you in person! You are such a sweet and kind person, I'm lucky to know you!

Anyway, good luck with your laptop search. We bought a Toshiba almost 2 years ago and have hated it. It's such a waste now because we never use it because it takes SO long to wake up and sometimes it's just so slow. My hubby has had a couple different Dell laptops through work and has always liked them. Our last two desktops have been Dells and we have always been really pleased with them.

Sparkle said...

I have a Dell laptop for work and I love it! I had to add more RAM to it so I can run Adobe Creative Suite 3, but it's been great so far! Have fun getting a new computer!